World leader in eye tracking

Global leader in eye tracking pioneer of attention computing

Tobii is on a mission to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent. Our eye tracking and attention computing solutions decode head and eye movements to generate deep insights about a person, insights that scientists, startups, and commercial enterprises can leverage to make discoveries and develop innovative solutions.

We help solve previously unsolvable problems and act as a catalyst for digital transformation — the foundation of democratized services and a sustainable and inclusive lifestyle for everyone, everywhere.

About Tobii

Founded in 2001, Tobii is the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing. We serve partners and customers from our headquarters in Stockholm and 14 offices spread across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TOBII) in 2015, we currently employ over 600 people and hold around 700 patents.

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