Tobii Partner network

Our partner network

We collaborate with companies around the globe. Partners who integrate our technology into their devices, develop applications, and build compatible accessories and tools — enabling you to innovate.

Research partners

Discover our research partners

Together, we are enabling researchers to deepen their understanding of human behaviour, with a wide range of research methods, data streams and tools.

EEG and eye tracking
This is Tobii

Our research partner ecosystem

Our various partners with compatible hardware and software solutions make it easy to integrate eye tracking data with their data streams for further joint analysis.

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PC partners

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We partner with leading PC manufacturers, enabling user productivity with security and power-optimization features.

XR partners

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We partner with some of the leading XR headset designers — including Pico, HP, and HTC — delivering eye tracking solutions and related technologies that enhance device performance and enable immersive experiences.

Tobii XR headsets
XR headsets

XR headsets

XR headset manufacturers, users, and developers are all looking to eye tracking to overcome the challenges of delivering the best possible user experience with available system resources.

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Tobii XR device integrations
Device integrations

Device integrations

Eye tracking — a foundational technology for XR — addressing challenges such as constrained system resources, user comfort, and immersion.

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Tobii Foveation technologies
XR headsets

Foveation technologies

Tobii Spotlight Technology is a software solution that leverages human vision to reduce processing and bandwidth requirements in the XR.

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