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Our partner network

Our mission is to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent. That’s why we’re proud to have an extensive network of partners across the globe that brings this mission to life every day. Together we’re helping companies, universities, and research institutions to deepen their understanding of human behavior and to extend the frontiers across a variety of industries.

EEG and biometrics

EEG and biometrics

Solutions for co-registration of eye tracking data and other electrophysiological data streams.

Brain Products

Brain Products logo

Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. With a focus on positively impacting the field of neuroscience, Brain Products has become the worldwide leading manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for neurophysiological research. They provide EEG hardware and accessories for laboratory and mobile research applications, thereby covering a broad range of application fields including cognitive neuroscience, psychology, BCI, infant and child development, EEG & eye-tracking, as well as mobile brain/body imaging. Since for them at Brain Products a solution is only a solution if it covers all the researcher´s needs, they are your partner from research question to publication, offering regularly held workshops and webinars, as well as scientific and technical support.


BitBrain logo

Bitbrain is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to develop cutting-edge solutions for real-world applications and research in the fields of neuroscience, BCI, consumer research, and cognitive enhancement. Bitbrain currently markets high-tech EEG brain sensing devices, biosignal monitoring devices (ExG, GSR, RESP, TEMP, etc.), people tracking systems (IPS, GPS), and software tools for data acquisition, programming, synchronization, and analysis. These products can be seamlessly integrated with Tobii Pro technologies, and VR devices. Bitbrain helps science, business, and health professionals to leverage neuroscience in a practical and reliable way.

Head office:

C/ Santa Teresa de Jesús 32 50006, Zaragoza, Spain

Other Bitbrain offices:

North America

361 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115,
United States

ANT Neuro

ANT neuro logo

ANT Neuro specializes in being a single-source provider of high-performance products within neuroscience research and neurodiagnostics markets. Applications include EEG, EMG, TMS and MEG technology. Their technology offers a wide range of applications used in cognitive neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry. ANT Neuro is committed to serving its customers with the best possible solutions available with the goal of advancing the capabilities of neurotechnology. Leading in know-how and technology development, ANT Neuro offers flexible solutions and high quality, state-of-the-art products with reliable support for their research and clinical customers worldwide. ANT Neuro teams-up with them to explore new ways to tackle challenges and think out-of-the-box to stay one step ahead. Their CE certified EEG equipment is used in a wide variety of fields, including mobile EEG, BCI, clinical diagnostics, research and psychology with participants of all ages.


Welbergweg 74
7556 PE , Hengelo,

Other ANT Neuro offices:

ANT Neuro GmbH
Wolfener Straße 34, Haus J
12681 Berlin

ANT Neuro UK
Richmond House
Walkern Road
Stevenage, Herts
SG1 3QP, United Kingdom

ANT North America
1617 John F Kennedy Blvd,
Ste 821
Philadelphia, PA 19103

ANT Asia Pacific
Rm 515, 5/FL,
The Desk, Strand 50,
50 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

MindWare Technologies Ltd.

Mindware logo

Since 2001, MindWare Technologies Ltd. has been the leading provider of hardware and software solutions for psychology, psychophysiology, and broader life science research. The wealth of domain knowledge and years of experience have allowed MindWare Technologies to develop innovative data collection equipment and the industry gold standard data analysis software, all of which are built on a foundation of peer-reviewed scientific research and backed by unparalleled support.


Tobii Partner logo

BiSigma stands for BIometric SIgnal Measurements and Analysis, and the company has set itself the task of bringing together the various methods of data collection and analysis in the context of a unified holistic solution. The activity is not focused on an individual product but rather on a combination of hardware and software to serve every user’s individual needs. BiSigma provides solutions completely from one source, so that there is no need for the researcher to combine the various technologies him/herself anymore: eye tracking, EEG, ECG, pulse, skin conductivity, brain activity (NIRS) and other body signals are easily combined and analysed. These biosignals are often used in academic research, but their use is currently increasing also in the field of market research, thanks to new methods and findings, in particular in combination with eye tracking data.


Dr. Hornecker Softwareentwicklung
Leo-Wohleb-Strasse 6
79098, Freiburg, Germany


gtec logo

g.tec develops and produces high-performance EEG amplifiers/headsets and hardware for stimulating the human brain and body. g.tec’s neurotechnologies are internationally used for invasive and non-invasive recordings in clinical environments or for research purposes. Application fields range from the analysis of the brain, heart or muscle activity, brain assessments of severe brain injuries and disorders of consciousness to motor rehabilitation after stroke, neuromarketing, deep brain stimulation, brain mapping, neuro prosthesis control, communication, painting and closed-loop invasive and non-invasive BCI experiments. g.tec offers an online product configurator which allows you to customize your hardware and software according to your individual needs and are compatible with Tobii Pro Eyetracker.


g.tec medical engineering GmbH Sierningstraße 14
4521, Schiedlberg, Austria

Other g.tec offices:

g.tec neurotechnology USA, Inc.
308 South Manning Blvd
McAuley Building, Room 213
Albany, New York 12208
United States

g.tec neurotechnology Hong Kong, Ltd
Zung Fu Industrial Building
1067 King’s Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Partner logos

Shimmer develops and manufactures medical-grade wearable sensors. A leading provider of wearable sensing systems, they partner with scientists to do groundbreaking research and with companies to bring innovative sensing applications to market. Shimmer’s award-winning platform is used and trusted by well over 500 research organizations, including start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and leading universities, in over 75 countries worldwide. Their GSR+ sensor sets the standard for wearable galvanic skin response measurement. It also captures a PPG signal, which is converted to heart rate (HR) using the Shimmer ear clip or optical pulse probe. This sensor is integrated into Tobii Pro Lab for simultaneous recording and automatic synchronization of GSR and eye tracking data from screen-based eye trackers from Tobii.

Cedrus Corp.

Tobii Partner logo

Cedrus develops StimTracker, a product that allows researchers to send event makers to their Tobii eye tracker and EEG amplifier simultaneously, thus providing them with an identical timebase. Cedrus also develops Lumina fMRI-compatible response pad and SuperLab stimulus presentation software.

Motion capture systems

Motion capture systems

Motion capture partners offer systems, combined with our wearable eye trackers, to study the links between attention and movement.


Qualysis logo

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering and sports facilities with high-end camera systems and expertise in capturing and analyzing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services and has offices in Gothenburg, Chicago and Shanghai. Their customers are found in the biomechanical research, sports biomechanics and medical sectors. Their systems are also used for engineering and specialized industrial purposes. Qualisys supports a range of different eye trackers, both head mounted and desktop mounted. The eye trackers are either fully integrated with the QTM software or framesynced only with the camera system.


Tobii Partner logo

Established in 1984, Vicon is a leading provider of motion capture systems. Through Vicon’s premium motion capture technology, the company is able to capture and analyse motion for the benefit of all. Representing the gold standard in the life sciences industry since its inception, Vicon provides tailored motion capture solutions that deliver the most precise and accurate data. Vicon combines inertial sensors with optical motion capture in one dynamic ecosystem. Vicon is the first motion capture company to offer integration for Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Vicon has customers in over 75 countries, with 2,000+ installations in Life Sciences alone.


Vicon Oxford
6 Oxford Industrial Park
OX5 1QU, Yarnton,
Oxford, United Kingdom

Other Vicon offices:

Vicon Denver
7388 S. Revere Parkway
Suite 901
Centennial, CO
80112, USA

Vicon LA
3750 S. Robertson Boulevard
Suite 100
Culver City, CA
90232, USA

Behavioral research

Behavioral research

Partners with presentation and analysis tools for behavioral research.

Noldus Information Technology

Tobii Partner logo

As experts in the field of data integration and observational research, Noldus recognizes the challenges and brings in the knowledge to assist and advise partners. Moreover, Noldus is an international partner operating from 14 offices in 8 different countries and is represented by 12 distributors. In short, Noldus contributes to a world where technology applied to understanding behavior enables people to make better products and increase their quality of life.


Noldus Information Technology bv
Nieuwe Kanaal 5
6709, Wageningen,
NA, Netherlands

Psychology Software Tools (PST)

Tobii Partner logo

Psychology Software Tools (PST) is a world leader in stimulus presentation software with over 100,000 users of their flagship product E-Prime®. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. E-Prime and Chronos® deliver millisecond-accurate stimulus presentation, responses, and sound output. PST also offers a hardware product line of advanced solutions for fMRI research, including an MRI Simulator, Digital Projection System, Button Response System, and Noise Cancellation Microphone. Their customer base is comprised of more than 5,000 research institutions and laboratories in over 60 countries.


Psychology Software Tools, Inc.
311 23rd Street Ext., Suite 200
15215-2821, Pittsburgh, PA,
United States


Tobii Partner logo

Ergoneers GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the faculty of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich. Today the company has a worldwide presence through two offices around Munich (Germany) and Portland (USA) and through global sales partners, serving the Transportation / Automotive, Market Research & Usability, Science and Sports / Biomechanics application areas. In addition to development, manufacturing and distribution of measurement & analysis systems for behavioral research and optimization of human-machine-interaction, Ergoneers also offers comprehensive expertise in each phase of your study. The product portfolio primarily comprises of the 360-degree solution – D-Lab: an extensive software platform for capturing and analyzing human behavior. With its different software modules, you can synchronously measure and analyze various data streams such as eye-tracking, video, audio, physiology and CAN-Bus data.

EyeTracking, Inc

Tobii Partner logo

EyeTracking, Inc has been at the forefront of innovation in virtually every area of visual behavior and cognition research. Their technology provides robust solutions for improving human performance, user interfaces, and training. Monitor viewing behavior and cognitive workload for both individuals and teams. Record eye tracking data across multiple displays and complex environments, and access powerful analysis capabilities with immediate playback after session. Products include EyeWorks eye tracking suite, Quad Server physiological data suite, and the Cognitive Workload Module for objectively measuring mental effort based on eye metrics. Clients include the US Navy, FAA, NASA, Sandia National Labs, and a range of Fortune 500 companies, Medical Institutions and Universities.

Millisecond Software 

Millisecond logo

Millisecond Software produces Inquisit, a powerful software platform for stimulus presentation and cognitive/neuropsychological testing in the lab and remotely over the web. Inquisit is used in over a thousand research institutions throughout the world for a wide range of psychological research and instruction applications. Millisecond offers a large and growing library of popular, ready-to-use psychological tasks, and provides an easy and flexible programming environment for customization and development of innovative new psychological measures.