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Multimodal research solutions

Tobii Pro Lab offers a full multimodal workflow, enabling seamless synchronization and data merging of eye tracking data with EEG and biometric data from market-leading companies.

Who benefits from this solution?

This solution is for users who want to combine eye tracking with EEG or biometric data streams and need to merge the data for an integrated analysis.

Examples of merging data may include when a researcher desires to:

  • Segment data and analyze trials according to gaze behavior, e.g., AOI visits, pupil size.

  • Discard data, e.g., Reject trials when the participant was not looking at the target element or did not look at the fixation cross before the trial started.

  • Run fixation related potential (FRP) analysis, an event-based EEG analysis time-locked to the fixation onset instead of to the stimulus onset in ERP analysis.

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Tobii combined solutions - Coregistrations

About the tech

  1. Record eye tracking data in Tobii Pro Lab, while the other data streams are recorded in the partner’s software. In screen-based experiments, Tobii Pro Lab also delivers the stimulus presentation.

  2. Synchronize the data streams by sending TTL events to all data streams, enabling precise data merge post- recording.

  3. Analyze the eye tracking data in Tobii Pro Lab using fixation filters, AOIs, event logging, and other advanced features.

  1. Starting with version 1.130, Tobii Pro Lab supports PLOF 2.0 export format, designed to contain all eye tracking and event data in a machine-friendly format that can be imported into any of our partner’s solution software. PLOF export format ensures accurate and robust merge of any gaze, AOI or behavioral event data generated in Tobii Pro Lab and raw eye tracking data.

  2. Analyse the EEG or other biometrics data with the merged eye tracking data. Do this in the partner software using all the specialized tools required for a correct EEG and biometrics analysis.

Our EEG and Biometrics partners

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Brain Products

Brain Products is the world’s leader in HW and SW solutions for neurophysiological research. The combined solution between Tobii Pro Lab and Brain Products allows to co-register EEG and eye tracking data in a lab setting with stationary systems and in natural environments using wearable technology.

This solution is compatible with the following Brain Products hardware systems:

  • actiCHamp Plus

  • BrainAmp

  • LiveAmp

Spectrum using a EEG cap from Brain Products


Bitbrain provides practical and reliable solutions for neuroscience, psychology, BCI, and consumer research. Tobii Pro Lab and Bitbrain combination allow the researcher to perform a multimodal study co-registering EEG, up to 35 channels of physiological signals (GSR, BVP, ECG, EMG, etc.), and eye tracking data. Bitbrain's wireless technology combined with Tobii Pro's screen-based and wearable devices opens the door to conducting studies in multiple scenarios inside and outside the laboratory.

This solution is compatible with the following Bitbrain hardware systems:

  • Versatile and Minimal EEG families

  • Biosignal family

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ANT Neuro

ANT Neuro provides complete solutions for clinical neurodiagnosis and neuroscience research.The combined solution between Tobii Pro Lab and ANT Neuro allows users to co-register EEG datasets with eye tracking data, both in a lab setting with stationary systems and in natural environments using wearable technology.

This solution is compatible with the following ANT neuro hardware systems:

  • eego EEG amplifier family

ANT Neuro

MindWare Technologies

MindWare Technologies is a company that provides psychophysiology solutions for research, such as GSR, EKG, EMG, Cardiac Impedance (ICG) and respiration. Tobii Pro Lab and MindWare’s combined solution allows the user to co-register biometrics with eye tracking data both in a lab setting with stationary systems, and in natural environments using wearable technology.

This solution is compatible with the following MindWare hardware systems:

  • BioNex desktop data acquisition platform

  • MindWare mobile Impedance Cardiograph

MindWare - Tobii Pro Partner - Eye tracking software

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3 and Bitbrain diadem

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