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Tobii Pro Lab

Behavior research software with eye tracking

Complete solution for researching human behavior

Tobii Pro Lab constitutes, together with Tobii Pro hardware, a complete solution for behavioral research. It provides a visual user interface and dedicated software features that efficiently guide and support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording to analysis.

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Why use it

Why use Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab is the world-leading experimental software for your eye tracking studies. It’s a powerful yet user-friendly tool, making it simple to get started with eye tracking research. The software offers a large degree of flexibility to run advanced experiments for in-depth insights into attention and cognitive processes.

Tobii Pro Lab

Workflow efficiency

Tobii Pro Lab offers an intuitive, all-in-one interface for seamless experimental flow, including easy design creation, eye tracker calibration, data collection, recording replay, and data visualization.

Tobii Pro Lab

Versatile stimulus support

Tobii Pro Lab supports images, videos, texts, sounds, and webpages as stimuli. The advanced screen project type allows multi-stimuli presentation. Specialized infant calibration options make Tobii Pro Lab ideal for infant research.

Tobii Pro Lab

Analysis capabilities

The Analyzer module enables the replay of recordings, logging behavioral events, and defining AOIs. Easily inspect, group, process, and report eye tracking data. Calculate various eye tracking metrics and visualize results before exporting your data for further statistical analysis.

How it works

How to use it with our eye trackers

Designed for academic researchers with the mission to elevate the quality and quantity of their scientific output. It also empowers consumer researchers to gain deeper insights into consumers' behavior and experience.

Tobii Pro Spark

Screen-based eye tracking studies

Assess eye movements, get insights into human behavior, and make breakthroughs in your research.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 used at Heathrow airport

Wearable eye tracking studies

Discover how you can capture and analyze attentional processes in real-world scenarios.

A woman looking at Tobii Pro Spectrum

Integration and multimodal

Tobii Pro Lab facilitates the combination of eye tracking with biometric data streams, like EEG, GSR, and ECG.


Why buy Tobii Pro Lab

  • Design

    Easy to use and supports diverse experimental paradigms.

  • Record

    Record eye tracking data together with our world-leading HW.

  • Inspect and analyze

    Visualize your data and use a large set of pre-calculated metrics.

  • Data

    Control and access to the locally stored raw and processed data at any time.

  • Flexible payment model

    Choose a perpetual license or flexible subscription contract.

  • Continuous development

    We continuously work on improvements based on your feedback.

  • Reliability

    Tobii Pro Lab ensures precise and consistent timing accuracy.

  • Data control

    You have full control of the gaze filters and metric calculations.

Learn more about Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab is the eye tracking software designed for conducting experimental research with Tobii eye trackers. The flexible platform guides and supports the researcher through the entire research workflow, from simple to complex experiments.

Software editions

Software editions

Tobii Pro Lab is our all-in-one software solution for eye tracking experiments and research studies with Tobii Pro hardware. We offer it in four editions: Full Edition, Analyzer Edition, Screen-Based One, or Screen-Based Edition. Each edition includes one, two, or all enabled modules — Design, Record, and Analyze —and supports one or more project types. See table below for compatible eye trackers.

ModulesProject typeProject typeProject typeProject typeProject type
Screen Advanced screen GlassesScene cameraExternal presenter
Full Edition includes all modules — Design, Record, and Analyze — and supports all compatible Tobii screen-based and wearable eye trackers designed for research (see table above). With this edition, you can open and create all project types. Full Edition is ideal if your setup includes screen-based and wearable eye trackers, or if you plan to extend your current setup to include both. Buy the Full Edition online.
ModulesProject typeProject typeProject typeProject typeProject type
Screen Advanced screen GlassesScene cameraExternal presenter
Analyzer Edition includes the Analyze module and the Glasses project type for creating projects and importing data recorded with our compatible wearable eye trackers (see table above). You can also open and analyze project types created in other editions of Tobii Pro Lab. This edition is ideal for conducting studies with our wearable eye trackers. Buy the Analyzer Edition online.
ModulesProject typeProject typeProject typeProject typeProject type
Screen Advanced screen GlassesScene cameraExternal presenter
Screen-Based One Edition includes all project types except Glasses and is compatible with all our screen-based eye trackers. This edition supports all study types and supports web or screen recordings, images, or videos presented in a timeline format. In addition, you can import a spreadsheet with your experimental design and flexibly create stimuli from stimulus templates in the Advanced Screen project type. All modules are included, and you can open and create all project types except Glasses. This version is ideal if you need complete flexibility and support for screen-based studies. Buy the Screen-based One Edition online.
ModulesProject typeProject typeProject typeProject typeProject type
Screen Advanced screen GlassesScene cameraExternal presenter
Screen-Based Edition is our entry-level version of Tobii Pro Lab delivering the entire stack of eye tracking tools to support all steps of your screen-based study. With this edition you can run simple and complex studies presented in a fixed timeline format, using video, image, web, or screen recordings as input for analysis and processing of the recorded data. It supports Screen and Scene camera project types, where the latter is ideal for setups without a physical screen and for use with our Mobile Testing Accessory to track gaze on mobile phones. You can also open External presenter projects created with the Full or Screen-Based One Edition. Buy the Screen-based Edition online.

What's new

What’s new in Tobii Pro Lab?

Check out our latest product changes as we continue to improve Tobii Pro Lab to empower your team with more functionalities for your research work. Stay up-to-date and upgrade your Tobii Pro Lab if you have not already done so.

System requirements

System requirements

Tobii Pro Lab has been designed for research purposes. Therefore, you need to exercise tight control over your operating system and hardware to ensure good performance during stimulus presentation and recording. You can additionally secure the performance by making sure the computer is dedicated to eye tracking and running our software, and that it is free from all third party applications. Tobii Pro Lab routinely performs very demanding calculations, so execution of some operations may take a lot of time, for example, calculating metrics for large projects, encoding exported videos, and running Assisted Mapping. Performance is also affected by variables such as how big your project is, how many stimuli you are using, the type of stimuli used, and the number of recordings already saved in the project.¹

Current eye trackers

Tobii Pro Spectrum

Tobii Pro Fusion (v1.130)

Tobii Pro Glasses 3 (v1.145)

Tobii Pro Spark (v.1.207)

Supported from Lab version x.xx/ or by default if not specified

Discontinued eye trackers

Tobii Pro Nano

Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Tobii Pro X3-120 (USB & EPU)

Tobii Pro TX300

Tobii Pro T60 XL

Tobii Pro T120

Tobii Pro T60

Tobii Pro X120

Tobii Pro X60

Tobii Pro X2-60

Tobii Pro X2-30

Please note: for screen-based eye trackers, Tobii Pro Lab's Full or Screen-based license is required. For wearable eye trackers an Analyzer license is required.
Component Required specification Important notes
CPU Intel Core i5 quad core, or better 6th generation or later; AMD not supported
Hard diskSSD256 GB or more is recommended
Graphics cardIntel or Nvidia, released in 2015 or later; DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connectorIntel integrated graphics from the HD/UHD/Iris series is suitable; Nvidia Geforce is compatible but Quadro/RTX is recommended AMD/ATI not supported
Monitor1920 x 1080 resolutionDVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connector; scaling set to 100%
Operating systemWindows 10 & 11 (64 bit) Professional or EnterpriseProfessional or Enterprise versions only
ComponentRequired specificationImportant notes
PortsRJ-45 Ethernet portUSB-to-Ethernet adapters may work but can have errors
User/Participant camera (for recording participants during experiments)Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920Other equivalent models may work but have not been tested
Scene camera (for setups without screen)Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920Other equivalent models may work but have not been tested
Parallel port for sending TTL-signals (only required when syncing with third-party software/hardware) (Tobii Pro Lab only)StarTech PEX1P, Manhattan PCI 158176, Digitus DS-30020-1Sending TTL signals via parallel port has been disabled in Pro Lab v 1.232. Please see for more information.
USB to TTL adapter (only required when syncing with third-party software/hardware) (Tobii Pro Lab only)Black Box Toolkit USB TTL module Brain Products TriggerBox NeuroSpec MMBT-S Trigger Interface BoxGeneric USB-to-Parallel-port adapters are normally designed for printers only and may not be able to send TTL-signals.
Tobii Pro Studio system requirements can be found here. System requirements related to VR can be found here.

Tobii Pro software requires full administrator rights and does not support roaming profiles.  

Installing/running Tobii Pro software in virtual machines (locally or on a server) is not supported. Running projects over network drives or cloud storage is also not supported .

If you have a multiple-screen setup, always use "extend screen", never "duplicate screen". 

You can avoid negative timing effects and interference from other machines in the same network by using a direct connection between your computer and the Tobii Pro eye tracker. We do not recommend using extension cables, USB hubs, adapters, etc. 

If you run experiments that utilize other biometric measures in conjunction with eye tracking, check the system requirements of any attached third-party equipment.  

If timing is a critical factor in your experiment, check the Timing Guide for Stimulus Display in Tobii Pro Lab.
The specifications above are not exhaustive, and no rights can be derived from the list. They may be changed without notice. Last updated: April 2023.



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