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Check out our latest product changes as we continue to improve Tobii Pro Lab to empower your team with more functionalities for your research work. Stay up-to-date and upgrade your Tobii Pro Lab if you have not already done so.

Latest features

Latest features

March 20, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Tobii Pro Lab Version 1.241. This update refines the visualization capabilities to offer researchers more intuitive and detailed insights into their data. Here's what you can expect from the latest update:

Enhanced visualization features

We have updated and improved the visualization feature in Tobii Pro Lab. The new mode switcher lets you choose easily between static and dynamic visualizations, providing a more versatile and comprehensive analysis tool.

Key updates include:

  • Export media in original size: You can now export your media in its original size, as well as with transparent backgrounds for seamless integration into your presentations and reports.

  • Enhanced preview in static mode: Media are now previewed in their original size in static mode.

  • Heat map calculations: Absolute and relative count/duration calculations for heat maps are now available in static mode.

  • Color-coded gaze plots: Gaze plot colors now correspond to the colors in the recordings list, with an option to reset colors to the default scheme for consistency across projects.

Other updates

  • Updates to the Advanced screen project:

    ○ The minimum presentation time for a stimulus can now be bound to a table, providing greater flexibility in designing your experiments.

    ○ Stimulus presentation has more options for how to advance, including when the participant looks away or when the media ends.

    ○ Container presentation order can now be easily adjusted from a list using drag-and-drop functionality.

    ○ Additional features enabled are eye openness recordings, charts, metrics, and video export, including participant camera and audio.

  • Enhanced calibration: Timed (in addition to manual) calibration for the video/resizing type calibration is now enabled.

  • Improved file validation: Automatic media validation to ensure media integrity and compatibility.

  • Updated Real World Mapping (RWM) algorithm: The RWM algorithm has been updated for enhanced robustness and speed.

Read the full release notes for more details.

Latest features

November 15, 2023

We’re happy to announce the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab 1.232. This release comes with video containers for the Advanced Screen Project (ASP) type, improved advanced-on capabilities, and table-bound Area of Interest (AOI) tags.

We added video containers to the ASP project type, enabling you to show video stimuli independently or alongside other stimuli. Just like image and audio stimuli, videos can be inputted from the design table, and you can control the position and size from the design table. Videos can even be looped as needed.

What’s more, we’ve improved the flexibility of the ASP when advancing from one stimulus to the next. This includes:

  • Random time within a specific interval

  • Specific key presses

  • Mouse clicks (anywhere on the screen or on a specific trigger zone)

  • Uninterrupted gaze in a trigger zone for a specific threshold

  • Several gaze durations in a trigger zone adding up to a specific threshold.

It’s now possible to bind AOI tags to columns in the design table, allowing flexible AOI tags for features that change with each trial (e.g. target location in a visual search task).These table bound AOI tags work with image and video containers, can be combined with static AOI tags assigned to a specific container, and can be aggregated for further analysis.

Other updates

  • The ASP project type can now also add participant cameras and microphones as sensors. This works well with the audio track visualizations!

  • Replay shows tracks for the audio recording and the participant audio (including glasses recordings) as well as gaze recordings. This speeds up the process of participant feedback.

  • The update provides an important security fix and is recommended to all users. Visit Tobii Connect for more information.

  • Efforts are underway to reintegrate previous visualization functionality. Users in need of it are advised to stay on version 1.207 and apply the security update mentioned above.

Latest features

May 10, 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab 1.217. This version comes with a new project type, the Advanced Screen, and Dynamic Visualizations.

Advanced Screen

The Advanced Screen is a new project type (ASP) that simplifies the design and execution of more complex screen-based eye tracking studies.

Plan your experiment's trials and stimulus combinations in a spreadsheet and upload it to Tobii Pro Lab. The ASP will take the content of your spreadsheet as input. The workflow of the experiment is constructed in the Experiment structure. Here you can set up a template for presenting your stimuli using files that have been uploaded to the Media library. The image files that comprise a stimulus can be utilized as areas of interest when analyzing eye-tracking data.

The streamlined workflow enables you to easily create multi-image stimuli, simultaneously present audio and image stimuli, randomize trials, and control complex experimental designs without the need for manually building those stimuli.

Most importantly, it will save you valuable time that you can spend on data analysis and research instead.

Other updates

  • Dynamic Visualizations: the Visualizations Tab now includes dynamic visualizations. This allows you to display heat maps, bee swarms, and scan paths dynamically moving across a stimulus. You can either select a momentous gaze, accumulate data over a certain time frame, or view a sliding time window. This function can be useful to get qualitative insights into your eye tracking data such as during the piloting phase. Static stimuli like images, in addition to videos, are supported.

  • Create Project Update: the Create Project page has become more helpful, with information about the different project types and their capabilities.

  • Event Search Bar: it is now possible to precisely search events by timestamp, event type, and name.

Read the full release notes for more details.

Latest features

November 23, 2022

We are happy to announce the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab 1.207. This version comes with some major improvements of the metrics visualization tab.

Metrics Visualizations Tab

The metric visualization tab allows you to explore, visualize and interact with your data.

By selecting the eye tracking metric(s) of interest, you can visualize the joint effect of two experimental variables, and explore and inspect single data points, even in the gaze video.

This can be very helpful especially during the piloting phase of your experiment to get some first initial insights into whether your experimental conditions show an effect.

You can make custom plots of relevant eye tracking metric(s), with or without condition on an experimental variable, and export them as jpg or png.

And all of this is now possible without having to leave Tobii Pro Lab.

Other updates

  • Added filters: for eye openness and pupil signal to the Replay Tab

  • Better UX: activate or deactivate cards for different media and Time of Interest to choose which ones you want to see.

  • Improved Media handling: delete unused media and web snapshots from the project so they don't clutter the media and Time of Interest lists.

  • Reference export help: export the correct references to Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii hardware.

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 3 events from the Controller: import events to Tobii Pro Lab for further analysis

  • Provide feedback: help to improve Tobii Pro Lab in the future by providing feedback using the new feedback button

  • From this version, we are compatible with Windows 11.

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