Tobii Autosense

Enabling a safer, more intuitive and comfortable in-cabin experience — for everyone in the car

Tobii Autosense

Tobii Autosense brings the Tobii mission of harmonizing the connection between humans and machines – into the car. Our technology enables OEMs to build for tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and achieve true in-cabin differentiation.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    We take pride in our understanding of our partners ecosystems and our capability to deliver on both ends of the spectrum – quick and qualitative integrations or highly complex bespoke solutions running on a specific set of requirements.

  • Tested, trusted technology

    We’re innovators with a proven track record, from neural networks running on low system requirements to one-of-a-kind interior sensing approach.

    Our driver monitoring system is currently in mass production and our occupant monitoring system is an industry-first, on the road since 2021.

  • Endless innovation capabilities

    We teach machines to see, understand, enhance, sense and make decisions to enable true interior sensing.

    We help our partners design and implement features that offer unique, more comfortable and intuitive in-cabin experience for all occupants.

Car on a highway

Safety centric

By understanding the driver, their attention and intent we can make the car a much safer space while enhancing the driving experience.

Tobii Autosense focuses on regulation and cost, and is reinforcing the safety vector of tomorrow’s interior sensing.

Man yawning in the car

Experience centric

By understanding the occupants, their attention and intent, we can reshape the interior space to reflect their taste and preferences.

Tobii Autosense focuses on features and differentiation, and is reinforcing the experiential vector of tomorrow’s interior sensing.

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Tobii Autosense
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Driver monitoring system

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Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Driver monitoring system (DMS). Our world-leading eye tracking capabilities have innovated healthcare, academia, gaming, and education. Now we are bringing this passion for innovation to the automotive industry with one mission – to make the roads safer. Built on two decades of expertise, protecting road users from driver drowsiness and distraction, the Tobii Autosense Driver monitoring system has been in mass production for several years offers flexibility and easy integration, making it a safe and sensible option for OEMs and Tier 1s.

Our Driving monitoring system features

Man driving a car

Any driver, any situation

Works across all ethnicities in all lighting conditions regardless of hats, sunglasses, masks.

Man talking on a mobile while driving


Complete control over camera choice and placement. Cost efficient and easily adapted to any processor.

women turning around in the car while driving

Subtle and unobtrusive

Driver centric — focus on performance for real use cases eliminates false warnings.

Occupant Monitoring System


Occupant Monitoring System (OMS)

Tobii Autosense goes beyond the driver towards all vehicle occupants to offer a holistic, and forward-looking approach to in-cabin safety. Powered by artificial intelligence, each passenger centric feature set relies on proprietary neural networks designed, trained, and tested by Tobi’s team of engineers, scientists and problem solvers. It is deployed using edge computing, without the need for cloud connectivity, meaning it is designed to enable all data to remain within the vehicle. The Tobii Autosense Occupant monitoring system brings together regulatory alignment and in-cabin differentiation, enabling the next-generation interior sensing.

Our Occupant monitoring system features

Children in a car

Regulation aligned

Combines core signals with key features to raise the bar in passenger safety while establishing the foundation for in-cabin experience.

Family in a car

Feature centric

From occupancy presence and child seat detection to distraction, drowsiness, 2D/3D skeleton, body pose, vital state or advanced object detection.

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Safety and experience

Tobii Autosense OMS is the first true step in aligning regulation with in-cabin experiential needs to fundamentally transform your car rides.

Single camera interior sensing

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Single camera interior sensing

By enabling DMS and OMS features with a single camera, we can raise the bar of what interior sensing can deliver in terms of safety and experience.

This type of deployment meets regulatory requirements, reduces the possibility of camera occlusion, hence improving the performance, increases the UX function, and lowers system level integration as well as installation cost.

Tobii Autosense single camera interior sensing (single camera DMS + OMS | SCDO) can change the perspective on interior sensing by targeting specific use cases categories - wellbeing, HMI, productivity, and entertainment – while being built on safety and privacy focused foundation.

Our single camera interior sensing features

Family in car

Holistic sensing

Feature driven technology symbiosis focusing on the entire in-cabin interior, from driver and passengers to objects and environment.

Interior of a car

Ready to raise the bar

Our cars are extensions of our digital identities. We will be able to monitor our wellbeing, use new ways to interact with the in-cabin space, work on the go, and be entertained while travelling.

Person sick while driving a car

Sensor fusion ready

Tobii Autosense single camera solution for interior sensing is aligned and ready for tomorrow’ sensors (thermal, neuromorphic, depth sensing or mmWave radar), ready to enable never seen before in-cabin use cases.


Combined interior sensing expertise

We brought together imaging pioneers, AI trailblazers and eye tracking experts to tackle the interior sensing market. With focus on power and computer efficiency we develop our solutions for embedded portable software platforms, optimized and adapted for specific acceleration engines (NPUs, DSPs). 

Graphic design

Computer vision

Imaging and ML pioneer | Strong innovation history | Applied research


Eye tracking

20+ years expertise | Vast patent portfolio | Everyone, everywhere, every device

Graphic design

Embedded solutions

Power and computing efficiency | Platform agnostic | Platform specific

Child with head outside a car window

Customer deployment

Pre and post sales | Global world leading customers | Multiple markets

Opening in a cave

Deep learning

High-quality data | Custom acquisition systems | Data automation tools

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