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Tobii Pro Lab is the eye tracking software that provides a visual user interface and dedicated software features that support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from test design and recording through to analysis. Now, we’re offering the chance to try it out for free.

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What's included in the trial:

  • 30 day access to the full version of Tobii Pro Lab software

  • Tobii Pro Lab installation file

  • Seven sample projects

  • Pre-recorded eye tracking data

  • Self-paced learning walkthroughs

Tobii Pro Lab

Get started

Get started


Step 1: Install Tobii Pro Lab

Download the application using the link in the email. Go to your Download Folder and install Tobii Pro Lab on your Windows 10 computer. We recommend starting with one of the self-paced learning walkthroughs in the demo projects folder. Download the project you would like to try, extract it, and navigate to the accompanying walkthrough.


Step 2: Open a demo project

Open Tobii Pro Lab and select Open existing project. Browse for the experiment Tobii Pro Lab Demo – decision making. Find the demo project folder and open the tobii.project file. The project will then be listed under existing projects. Now you can play around with the data and make your own recording.


Step 3: Start a new project

Start Tobii Pro Lab and open a new project. Record data via the emulated mouse tracker or with the connected eye tracking hardware. If you want to learn more, reach out to our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

Our customers

Our customers

We provide eye tracking technology and software to ensure priceless insights into human behavior. We’re trusted by the world’s leading companies as well as 99 of the world’s top 100 universities.



Q: What’s included in the free trial? What’s excluded?

A: Your free trial includes all features of the full edition. It comes with seven demo projects, including pre-recorded data and a self-paced learning exercise for each demo project. Bear in mind that the free trial excludes support at any level. If you wish to evaluate Tobii Pro Lab for a specific purpose, please contact our sales team to discuss options.

Q: Can I design my own study in the trial version?

A: Yes. You get a 30 day long access to the full version of the software and you can utilize it to test run your own study.

Q: I have a Tobii Pro eye tracker. Can I use it with the free trial software version?

A: Yes. Tobii Pro Lab software is compatible with all of our eye trackers (Tobii Pro Spectrum, Tobii Pro Fusion, Tobii Pro Nano, Tobii Pro Glasses 3).

Q: What happens after my free trial ends?

A: Your Tobii Pro Lab free trial lasts 30 days. After this period, you can check in with our sales team and we’ll help you further.

Q: Can I install a trial license more than once on the same laptop/PC?

A: Unfortunately, not. If you wish to try Tobii Pro Lab a second time, please contact our sales team to discuss options.

Q: Where is my data stored?

A: Tobii Pro Lab is downloaded directly on your Windows PC. You have sole control and access to the locally stored raw and processed data at any time.

Q: Can I use Tobii Pro Lab without an eye tracker?

A: Sure thing! If you don’t have an eye tracker at hand, you can record simulated eye tracking data via the mouse tracker. Select this option from the menu in the upper left corner of the ‘Recording’ tab

Q: Does my PC have the correct specs?

A: For optimal performance, Tobii Pro Lab should be installed on a computer that adheres to the system recommendations.

Q: Which ports should be open in the firewall to use Tobii Pro Lab?

A: If your eye tracker cannot be found or your software license cannot be activated, please follow this link to find the required firewall settings.

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