Tobii Pro Spectrum with Brain Product EEG

Our research partner ecosystem

We are proud to have an extensive network of partners across the globe. Together we’re helping companies, universities, and research institutions to deepen their understanding of human behavior and to create new frontiers across a variety of industries.

Solutions for all types of research

We are proud to collaborate with many valued partners in various research fields.

Our hardware and software collaborations

Our ecosystem of hardware and software collaborations and compatibilities makes it possible to easily add eye tracking data to many other data streams, to answer new research questions or consolidate existing results.

Our Value-added resellers and their vast distribution network can also help you build your complete lab with both their and our equipment and expertise.

Tobii Pro Lab

EEG and biometrics

EEG and biometrics

Partner solutions for combining eye tracking data with other electrophysiological data streams, such as EEG but also GSR and other biosignals.

Brain products logo

Brain Products (Value-added reseller)


Leading manufacturer of end-to-end neurophysiological research solutions: High-quality, versatile EEG solutions, powerful software and in-depth support.

Bitbrain logo

Bitbrain (Value-added reseller)

EEG and biometrics

Easy, practical, and reliable EEG systems, biosignal sensors and software solutions for real-world human behaviour research, health and neuroscience.

Biopac logo

Biopac Systems, Inc.


High-quality physiology measurement and interpretation systems with innovative, scalable tools and world-class support for wired or wireless research.

AntNeuro logo

ANT Neuro


Complete solutions for clinical Neurodiagnostics & Neuroscience research, including EEG, EMG, TMS and MEG technology

Mindware logo

MindWare Technologies


Provider of hardware and software solutions for psychology, psychophysiology, and broader life science research.

Gtec logo



High-performance EEG solutions for stimulating human brain and body, used for recordings in both clinical and research settings.

Shimmer logo



Leading provider of medical-grade wearable sensors. The Shimmer GSR+ is fully integrated into Tobii Pro Lab, to be used with our screen-based eye trackers.

Motion capture systems

Motion capture systems

Motion capture partners offer systems when combined with our wearable eye trackers make it possible to study the links between attention and movement.

Qualysis logo

Qualisys (Value-added reseller)

Motion Capture

Leading provider of high-end motion capture systems and expertise in movement capture and analysis within biomechanics, sport research and engineering.

Tobii Pro Partner Vicon logo


Motion Capture

World leading provider of tailored motion capture systems for life sciences, media and entertainment, location-based VR, and engineering.

Motion Analysis logo

Motion Analysis Corp.

Motion Capture

Motion capture solutions for videogame design, studio broadcasting, AR, VR, biomechanics, product development, robotics, and ergonomics.

Motion monitor logo

Innovative Sports Training

Motion Capture

Advanced interactive training systems (sport performance enhancement, clinical rehabilitation, industrial training) and for biomechanical research.

Behavioral research software

Behavioral research software

The following partners offer Tobii compatible software tools for behavioral analysis and / or multimodal research.

Noldus logo

Noldus (Value-added reseller)


Leading provider of software and integrated solutions for both animal and human behavior research within psychology, human factors and UX research.

Ergoneers logo

Ergoneers (Value-added reseller)


Prophea.X is the sophisticated multi-modal solution enhancing human performance insights. Seamlessly integrating technical and environmental data, it offers unparalleled connectivity across various fields.

BiSigma logo

BiSigma (Value-added reseller)


Providers of tailored solutions for combining and analyzing various data signals: eye tracking, EEG, ECG, pulse, GSR, NIRS, and other body signals.

Psychology software tools logo

Psychology Software Tools


E-Prime® is a world leading stimulus presentation software, an easy-to-use environment for experiment design, data collection, and analysis.

Cedrus logo

Cedrus Corp.


Developers of SuperLab stimulus presentation software as well as the StimTracker accessory to synchronise any EEG amplifier with Tobii eye trackers.

eye tracking logo

Eye tracking LLC


Providers of eye tracking and cognitive workload metrics for insight into human behavior, for example the patented Index of Cognitive Activity - ICA.

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