Motion capture system - Vicon and Qualisys
Motion Capture

Study the links between attention and movement

Combine Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with motion capture systems and study the links between attention and movement.


Streaming and synchronizing data 

The Motion Capture Marker set makes it easy to integrate eye tracking data from Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with motion capture systems from Qualisys and Vicon.

The set consists of two reflective markers which attach easily to Tobii Pro Glasses 3. The motion capture cameras track the movement of these markers as the subject moves around with the Tobii Pro Glasses 3. This allows you to stream data from both systems into the motion capture software in real time. The eye tracking and gaze vector data can then be visualized and exported to other analysis software, such as MATLAB.

Motion Capture markers


Eye and body movements analysis

Combining eye tracking and motion capture data allows researchers to analyze the coordination between eye and body movements. This offers a more rounded understanding of an individual's behavior.

How it is used in the real world

Sports – Get insights into hand-eye coordination and a better understanding of performance in sports. From saving a goal to getting a hole in one, athletes are learning more about their game.

Medical – Learn from skilled surgeons and translate their instinctive coordination into training material. Identify brain disorders and evaluate progress in physical rehabilitation.

Training and simulation – Test run scenarios in controlled environments using human motion and gaze behavior to better understand individual performance, train new skills, and improve safety.

Psychology – Understand what stimuli triggers certain body language and explore gesture-speech integration.

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Qualysis motion capture markers on Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Parts and construction

Parts and construction

Motion capture marker set

One set includes 2 lightweight attachments to be mounted on the Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Each one consists of 3 passive spherical markers.

Qualisys sync cable

We offer a customized sync cable ensuring both data streams are synchronized based on time stamps. Only needed for Qualisys solution.

Partner information

Partner information

Motion capture partners offer systems when combined with our wearable eye trackers make it possible to study the links between attention and movement.

Motion capture system



Fields of use

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Motion capture markers
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