This is Tobii

This is Tobii

We are the global leader in eye tracking, a position we earned through our passion for technology and our ambition to create tech for a better future.

Pioneer of attention computing

Our journey began more than 20 years ago when we delivered the world’s first remote eye tracker. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to build technology that understands human attention and intent — what we call attention computing.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced signal processing lie at the heart of what we do. We decode head and eye movements, translate microscopic gestures into accurate gaze signals, and generate insights to reveal what captures a person’s attention and interpret intent. No matter who, no matter where.

Tobii Attention computing

Our business

Tobii is a global company with offices located in Asia, Europe and North America, supported by a global network of resellers.

  • Founded

    in 2001

  • 800+


  • Revenue

    SEK 776 million (2022)

  • Listed on Nasdaq

    Stockholm (TOBII) since 2015

  • Headquarters in Stockholm

    with 17 offices around the globe

  • 850+

    Patents and applications

Our solutions

Our solutions help you leverage eye tracking and the data brought to you by attention computing in research, development, and commercialization no matter what your industry.

Our vision is a world where technology works in harmony with human behavior.

Inside the innovation of eye tracking

Tobii Mission/Vison

Eye tracking in healthcare

People gaming

Eye tracking and gaming

Woman driving a car

Eye tracking throughout the vehicle lifecycle

A deeper look into eye tracking 

Eye tracking is a sensor technology that decodes gaze. It is a foundational technology for a broad range of applications, including scientific research, behavioral analysis, and assistive technology. One of the things that differentiates Tobii from other vendors is our dedication to delivering a solution that lives up to the everyone, everywhere, every device principle.

What is eye tracking

Attention computing

Removing the barriers between people and technology

Attention computing is a set of technologies that enable machines and devices to understand people — by interpreting what we say, how we move, and what captures our attention. It is a part of the next generation of human-computer interaction, which today relies on keyboards, mice, and touchscreens but is shifting toward intuitive communication using sounds, gestures, and movement.

Attention computing