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E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii

Powerful experimental design


Extending research possibilities

E-Prime 3 and E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.2 can be used in two ways with our products. 

Two ways it can be used

In combination with:

Tobii Pro Lab (version 1.111 or higher, Full edition) which offers a simplified 2 in 1 solution for recording raw eye tracking data with Tobii Pro Lab and the possibility to replay and visualize gaze data, apply fixation filters and calculate meaningful AOI gaze data metrics.

Simplified 2 in 1 solution

Tobii Pro Lab and E-Prime Extensions 3.2 together offer a simplified solution to combine Pro Lab and E-Prime from PST. The 2 in 1 solution enables researchers to process the raw gaze data in Pro Lab with dedicated gaze data analysis tools while using E-Prime's powerful design and stimulus presentation features for the creation of sophisticated eye tracking experiments (including gaze-contingency).

Among other things, E-Prime features programmable experiments, precise stimulus timing, and integration with various data sources, such as response boxes and EEG devices. E-Prime Extensions is intended for research use only.

Tobii E-Prime Extensions

Seamless E-Prime® integration 

  • Simplified setup: one-computer solution running both Pro Lab and E-Prime without timing constraints (two-computer solution optional) 
  • New External presenter project type in Pro Lab enables recording of the E-Prime stimulus presentation and eye tracking data 
  • Stimulus onset events and media files containing AOIs and associated tags are transferred from E-Prime to Pro Lab and automatically generated in Pro Lab 
  • Transfer of response and custom events that can be used for Times of Interest (TOI) creation 

How to use

How to use

In Tobii Pro Lab

  • Replay stimulus presentation sessions with gaze data in Tobii Pro Lab

  • Apply fixation filters to raw data

  • Create visualizations of the recorded gaze data and calculate meaningful gaze data metrics in Tobii Pro Lab

In E-Prime Extensions 3.2

Complete of all communication with Tobii Pro Lab from E-Prime directly:

  • Perform calibration (regular, manual, infant)

  • Start and stop recording

  • Send media files with specified AOIs and Tags

  • Send stimulus and response events

  • Send custom events for Times of Interest (TOI) creation

  • Auto-detect Tobii eye tracker within E-Prime

  • Give feedback based on gaze behaviors

  • Create interactive and passive eye tracking paradigms with gaze-contingent functionalities

Software package

Comprehensive software package

E-Prime and E-Prime Extensions (EET) can be purchased through our team.

The E-Prime Extensions software package includes:

  • E-Prime Extensions
  • A library of sample paradigms for learning and paradigm adaptation
  • E-Prime support and Tobii Pro hardware support.

E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.2 is a free update for E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.x users. You can download the update after logging into E-Prime’s support site and navigating to the "Downloads" area.


Technical specifications

For E-Prime and E-Prime Extensions system requirements¹

For one-computer setup²

For E-Prime and E-Prime Extensions system requirements, please refer to Psychology Software Tools, Inc.For one-computer setup, running E-Prime 3 with E-Prime Extensions 3.2 and Pro Lab on the same computer, and Pro Lab requirements in two-computer setups, please refer to the Tobii Pro system recommendations found under System requirements on Tobii Pro Lab.
EET versionE-Prime versionTobii softwareTobii eye tracker
EET Pro Lab 1.111+, Full editionTobii Pro Spectrum, Tobii Pro Fusion, Tobii Pro Spark, X3-120 (EPU), X2-60, TX300
EET, E-Prime, E-Prime onlyTobii Pro Spectrum, Tobii Pro Spark, X3-120 (EPU), X2-60, TX300
EET, E-Prime, E-Prime Pro Studio 3.4.8Tobii Pro X3-120 (EPU), X2-60, TX300, T60, T120, X60, X120, T60XL
EET, E-Prime Pro Studio 3.1.0 to 3.4.8Tobii Pro X3-120 (EPU and specific EET Patch), X2-60, TX300, T60, T120, X60, X120, T60XL
EET Pro Studio 2.3 to 3.0Tobii Pro T60, T120, X60, X120, T60XL, TX300 and X2-60
EET 1.2Tobii Pro Studio 2.0Tobii Pro 1750, X50, 2150, T60, T120, X60, X120, T60XL, TX300

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