2020 Annual General Meeting

General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place on May 12 2020 at 5 PM at Tobii’s office, Karlsrovägen 2D, SE-182 53 Danderyd. Participation via webcast will be possible. For more information please refer to “Details about the 2020 AGM” below.



Tobii’s office, Karlsrovägen 2D, SE-182 53 Danderyd

Details about the AGM 2020


Last day to notify participation at the meeting is Wednesday 6 May, 2020

The notification should state the name, personal/corporate identity number, address, telephone number and shareholding and, when applicable, information about representatives, counsels and assistants.

Please note that you cannot formally attend or vote via the webcast. For information on how you can exercise your voting right as a shareholder at the annual general meeting, please see section "Proxy etc." and/or section "Advance voting" in the notice convening the annual general meeting which is available on the company’s website, www.tobii.com.

1. Please confirm that the email address that you have used to submit your notification of participation is the one you wish to use to connect to the webcast. In order to ensure that only shareholders who have notified the company of their intention to participate join the webcast, you must use the email address which you confirm or provide to us when joining the webcast.

2. You will receive a link before 15.00 CEST on Tuesday 12 May via the email address you have confirmed or provided. The link should be used by you to connect to the webcast. Please join the webcast no later than 16.30 CEST on the day of the annual general meeting.

3. Once you have joined the webcast, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room whilst waiting to be connected to the webcast. You will be in the waiting room until you are ticked off against the preliminary voting list.