Tobii partners with 3D Aim Trainer to boost FPS game performance

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Tobii’s new partnership with 3D Aim Trainer brings critical insights gained from Tobii Eye Tracking analytics to 3D Aim Trainer users to improve aim training and game performance in First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

With over 600 000 monthly unique users, 3D Aim Trainer is the world’s l leading multi-platform aim trainer for FPS Games such as Valorant, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 siege, Overwatch, CS:GO and Fortnite. For Tobii, the partnership represents another important step of its esports training initiative, tapping into a new set of big FPS games and providing new types of analytics and metrics to benefit passionate gamers.

Through the new partnership, any 3D Aim Trainer user with a Tobii Eye Tracker will get access to game-critical eye tracking analytics on five parameters to help improve their game performance. The users gain intel on Eye Reaction Time, Eye Accuracy, Eye Speed, Awareness and Heat Map, to indicate where and how fast the players move their eyes across the screen in the game. By comparing performance to peers and pros, gamers can quickly identify improvement areas to adjust and level up their game.

"We love giving insights to our users that show how they can become better players,” said Miquel Matthys, CEO of 3D Aim Trainer. Thanks to Tobii we can now take it one step further to also measure what is happening in their physical world. Analyzing eye movements plays a vital role in understanding what happens from the moment that the brain processes movements on the screen to turning the eyes towards the target, and making the final mouse movement.”

Read more about how Tobii Eye Tracking can be used in 3D Aim Trainer in this Tobii blog post


Tobii Anders Lundin
Anders Lundin
Corporate Communications Director, Tobii Dynavox

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