VentureBeat writes about Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Tobii Group

Tobii Pro Glasses 3, with its sleek and unobtrusive design, is built for measuring attention and behavior in any real-world scenario. It was launched on June 2nd and has since then been covered in major news publications across the globe. One of the articles was written by Jeremy Horwitz, journalist at VentureBeat: "For businesses and researchers interested in measuring eye movements or using them to control devices, the comparatively small, unobtrusive form factor could be a very big deal”, writes Jeremy. “The new glasses demonstrate where eye tracking is headed for consumers in the foreseeable future.”

Read the article: "Sunglasses sized Tobii Pro Glasses 3 will make eye tracking comfortable"



About Tobii

Tobii is the global leader in eye tracking. Our mission is to improve the world with technology that understands human attention and intent. Tobii operates through three divisions: Tobii Dynavox, Tobii Pro and Tobii Tech. Tobii is headquartered in Sweden and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TOBII). The group has over 1,000 employees. For more information: