Reading Research with Tobii Pro Spectrum Eye Tracker





  • March 31, 2022

  • 2h 55 min

  • English

  • Free

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Time of the speakers

  • 3:08 min

    The systematic study of pupil dilation: An early ontogeny perspective | Robert Hepach, PhD.

  • 35:00 min

    Assessing visual processing of information in children with social anxiety disorder in laboratory and natural settings | Julian Schmitz, PhD.

  • 65:14 min

    Eye tracking in developmental research - using Tobii Pro's solutions | Marisa Biondi, PhD.,

  • 109:30 min

    Pupilb dilation as an indicator of mental effort in monolingual and bilingual children | Susanne Enke, M.Sc.

  • 136:34 min

    Longitudinal eye tracking studies in infancy, how changing preferences impact stability | Gustaf Gredebäck, PhD.

  • 164:08 min

    Q&A with all speakers


  • March 31, 2022

  • 2h 55 min

  • English

  • Free


  • Tobii Pro speaker Julian Schmitz

    Dr. Julian Schmitz, PhD.

    Professor of clinical child and adolescent psychology, University of Leipzig

  • Tobii Pro speaker Robert Hepach

    Dr. Robert Hepach, PhD.

    Associate professor and Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, New College in Oxford

  • Tobii Pro employee Dr. Marisa Bondi

    Marisa Biondi, PhD.

    Senior Research Scientist, Tobii

  • Tobii Pro speaker Susanne Enke

    Susanne Enke

    M.Sc., Doctoral researcher, University of Leipzig

  • Tobii pro-webinar-speakers-Gustaf-Gredeback

    Gustaf Gredebäck, PhD.

    Professor in Developmental Psychology, Uppsala Child and Baby Lab, Uppsala University