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The pioneers of eye tracking

Tobii is the world leader in terms of overall market share, technology and patent portfolio. Tobii creates the conditions for new insights into human behavior and intuitive user interfaces with eye tracking.

Our business

Tobii is a global company with offices located in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, supported by a global network of resellers.

  • Founded in 2001
  • 1,000 employees (with one-third in R&D)
  • Revenue: SEK 1,426 million (2020)
  • Listed on Nasdaq (Tobii)
  • 17 offices globally with a sales presence in over 90 markets
  • Top rated employer in both Sweden (Universum 2020) and Pittsburgh (Top Work Place by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2016-2020).
  • Polhem Prize 2015 for eye tracking
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Behavioral studies and research

Understanding the consumer and optimizing the buyer experience. Breaking new ground with unbiased human insights to push the boundaries of science.

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Doctors looking at a catscan


Uncovering the telltale markers of brain and vision diseases and conditions. Supporting the development of new diagnosis, checkup, and therapy devices.

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on the job traning

Education and training

Automating assessment by leveraging eye movement patterns. Raising retention levels and easing skills transfer by visualizing expert behavior.

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Person with a VR headset

Extended reality

Shifting enterprise applications to immersive experiences. Raising collaboration and training effectiveness. Enhancing device performance with dynamic foveated rendering.

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People gaming with Tobii Eye trackers


Capturing every move to deliver insight-enhanced streams. Keeping your mind on the game by using your attention to control it. Metrics to help you train and improve.

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Woman driving a car


Raising traffic safety and upholding regulatory compliance with driver monitoring systems that can determine drowsiness, fatigue, and distraction.

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Using the power of eye tracking as a positive force

A new era for Tobii and Tobii Dynavox

As eye tracking matures and spreads to more industries, we have identified a shift in the way our customers and partners use our technology. The discoveries we enabled some years ago are today becoming commercial solutions. To support our customers as they transition from innovation to commercialization, we have decided to restructure our company and build a new Tobii.

To strengthen the connection between innovation and commercialization we will merge our Tobii Pro and Tobii Tech business units. At the same time, we will spin off Tobii Dynavox whose assistive communication products provide a voice and a means to live an independent life to tens of thousands of people with disabilities.

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Our vision is a world where all technology works in harmony with natural human behavior.

Inside the innovation of eye tracking

Eye tracking in healthcare

Eye tracking and gaming

Eye tracking throughout the vehicle lifecycle

A technology with many benefits

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Eye tracking is a sensor technology that makes it possible for a computer or other device to know where a person is looking. An eye tracker can detect the presence, attention and focus of the user. It allows for unique insights into human behavior and facilitates natural user interfaces in a broad range of devices. The ability to control a computer using the eyes is also vital for people who are unable to speak or use their hands.

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