This Privacy Policy applies to all participants who have opted in to be a member of the Tobii Attention Panel.

This Tobii Attention Panel Privacy Policy supplements the General Privacy Policy for the Tobii Group. Please review the General Privacy Policy for the Tobii Group before participating in the Tobii Attention Panel. 

Thank you for choosing to participate in this eye tracking study. Market, survey, and opinion research enables businesses to make better decisions. As a participant in the Tobii Attention Panel, your eye tracking data helps companies improve their marketing, develop new products, and make existing ones better. We understand that your participation is voluntary, and you are entitled to withdraw from the Tobii Attention Panel at any time. Details on how to opt out are provided at the end of this Privacy Policy. 

The Tobii Attention Panel (the “Panel”) is an online panel where members opt in on either PC and/or Android phone to share their visual engagement with certain websites, digital applications, games, and software. This is accomplished by you installing: 

1. For desktop: 

(1.1) The Tobii eye tracker, and (1.2) Tobii WebHost and ATEX Extension. 

2. For Android phone: 

(2.2) The Tobii app “Gaze” in App Center.  

You understand and agree that by installing the required technology for the desktop panel, you grant Tobii the right to collect the information generated by the eye tracker (hardware or software eye tracker) and Tobii WebHost & ATEX Extension. For the mobile panel respectively, you understand and agree that by installing the Gaze app, you grant to Tobii the right to collect the information generated by the Gaze app, including eye tracking through your mobile camera. Data will be provided to Tobii until you remove the Chrome extension from your computer, or uninstall the Gaze app from your phone, or otherwise opt out of participation in the Panel. 

The Panel is entirely passive which means that data is only collected on natural behavior. Panelists will not be required to complete questionnaires or take tests. 

The data Tobii is collecting includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Interaction and attention with digital content and advertising 

  • Digital advertising events such as click, video start, mouse over, etc. 

  • Screenshots of advertisements 

  • User behavior recording 

  • Network traffic sent and received by your device, such as basic connection information, IP address, websites connected to, and amount of data transferred 

None of Tobii’s data collection methods collect: 

  • Banking and financial information 
  • Login and passwords 
  • Emails 

Any personal information collected by Tobii is stored only to support and convey incentives to the panelists. Active panelists are incentivized monthly. 

Our study collects data solely for advertising purposes. We do not spy on personal emails or other sensitive information, and we are compliant with GDRP by design. 

We want you to know that we never share your personal data with third parties. All attention data we collect is anonymized and aggregated against your demographic information, such as age, gender, and geographic location. We may provide this anonymized, aggregated data to customers of Tobii who have purchased services related to the research generated by this and other Panels, but we will never provide or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information (PII). 

Data Privacy 

This Privacy Policy follows general EU regulations on data privacy and the recommendations of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research. 

Handling personal data 

Personal data provided by the panelist is confidential and the identity of the panelist is protected. The identity of the panelist will be disclosed only to (a) the Tobii employees who administer the Panel, and (b) to any subcontractors of Tobii who due to their provision of services to Tobii (e.g., IT systems, etc.) unavoidably must have access to such information. All contractors are contractually bound to keep any information that they collect and disclose to us or that we collect and disclose to them confidential and must protect it with security standards and practices that are equivalent to our own. It will not be otherwise disclosed to any third party without a panelist’s explicit consent. Tobii ensures that information is collected for the specified research purposes only and not used in any manner incompatible with these purposes. No PII will be used for subsequent non-research purposes such as direct marketing, list-building, credit rating, fund-raising or other marketing activities relating to the individual panelists. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may share all or part of the PII and other information generated by your participation if we have a good faith belief that the access, use, preservation, or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process such as a court order or subpoena, or a request by law enforcement or governmental authorities. 

Personal identifiers 

A panelist’s e-mail address or other personal identifiers (e.g., screen or username or device identifier where it is recorded in the data) are personal data and are protected in the same way as other PII. If all data which could lead to the identification of an individual is permanently removed from Tobii’s records (including the identifying serial numbers of eye trackers which link to a separate file of identity data) the remaining data is no longer considered PII under data privacy regulations and is no longer subject to the stricter data protection requirements for PII. Even so, to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of the information we collect from you, whether it constitutes PII, Tobii has put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information. 

Notifications and e-mail 

Tobii remains mindful of concerns about privacy and intrusion and does not send unsolicited e-mails to panelists or potential panelists even in countries where this is still permitted by law, unless individuals have a reasonable expectation that they may be contacted for research or with respect to a Panel in which they are already participating. When we do send e-mail or other types of messages (e.g., instant messaging or SMS), we clearly state the purpose in the subject heading and keep the message as brief as possible. 

Tobii keeps copies of e-mails and other documents received from panelists agreeing to, or restricting, the use of or access to their personal information. This is a legal requirement in some countries, including but not limited to all EU (European Union) member states, Argentina, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. 


We do not solicit or obtain studies from people under 18. If you become aware that your child has provided personally identifiable information to us, please contact us at the email address below. We do not knowingly collect PII from children under 18. If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with PII, we will take steps to remove such information. 


Panelists can contact Tobii by regular post, phone or by e-mail to discuss any concerns with the Panel. 

Our postal and visit address:
Tobii AB
Karlsrovägen 2D
SE-182 53 Danderyd

Phone: +46 (0) 73 228 24 65 

Email address:  

Changes to Privacy Policy 

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time at our sole discretion. Any such change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon our posting the revised Privacy Policy on our website linked from Tobii Attention Panel. We will provide no other notice to you. 

Opting Out 

If you choose to opt out of participation in the Panel, you can do so simply by removing the Chrome plugin from your computer. This signals to us to block the flow of information from your computer. If you also wish to exercise your “right to be forgotten,” please email us at the above email address and we will remove your personal data from our systems to the extent related to the Panel (i.e., if we are storing your personal data because of another commercial relationship we have with you, we may need to retain personal data necessary for that specific purpose). In addition to the foregoing, if you do not agree with, or if you at any time cease to agree with, this Privacy Policy, do not participate in our studies.