A better understanding of customer feedback with eye tracking enabled VR

  • by Johan Bouvin
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Tobii Vobling and Electrolux Blog post

A case study by VIVE Enterprise on the collaboration between Electrolux and Vobling using technology enabled by Tobii’s eye tracking.

As XR adoption deepens, I am constantly watching out for which industry will be next to pick up this technology. Last week, VIVE Enterprise published the results of a collaboration between Electrolux and Vobling, and how eye tracking enabled VR can bring down product development costs through immersive design and virtual prototyping.

Using Tobii eye tracking in the VIVE Pro Eye as their platform, what Vobling and Electrolux have achieved in such a short space of time is amazing — something I think we will see much more of in the coming years.

What they did, was to transform the traditional approach to design reviews with focus groups testing physical products into virtualized experiences that deliver objective feedback. The addition of eye tracking into the feedback process is crucial because it generates objective insights about what customers find important. This shift toward data-driven feedback has become an important enabler for many industries. And because of its impartiality, eye tracking is a fantastic tool, helping companies foster data-driven analysis — no matter what their field.

The Electrolux case is a great read about the possibilities of technology, not just as a means to improve the way we develop new products but to do it in a sustainable manner. I hope you will be inspired!

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  • Johan Bouvin

    Johan Bouvin

    Director of product — XR software and ecosystem at Tobii

    Hi, I work with tons of developers from all over, hoping to gain an understanding of how their eye tracking needs are evolving. My aim is to ensure that we continue to develop our SDKs, developer tools, and XR platform to align with the rapidly expanding needs of the industry. I collaborate with amazing people in different lines of work. I find the more varied the individuals, the more interesting the results.

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