Computer Security Day – 4 cutting-edge features to keep your data safe

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Established by the Association for Computer Machinery in 1988, Computer Security Day on November 30 is vital for raising awareness of the importance of cybersecurity.

According to a Forbes Advisor analysis, 98% of people today who work with sensitive data choose to work remotely some of the time, either from home or public places such as coffee shops. Also, a study by 3M revealed that only 43% of business managers are concerned that they could be displaying sensitive information on their screens while working remotely.

These studies reveal the need for new technology and proactive measures to keep companies’ data secure.

Thanks to technology like Tobii Aware and its cutting-edge privacy and security features, we’re ensuring you can make the most of flexible working with full confidence in your data being safe.

Tobii Aware over the shoulder

Four privacy and security features of Tobii Aware:

1. Safeguard on-screen information from prying eyes

“Shoulder surfing” (when cyber attackers can see sensitive information on your screen from over your shoulder) is a very common threat in modern business and a leading cause for data leaks.

Tobii Aware protects you from this thanks to a smart “Peeker Detection” feature, which identifies that people in your surroundings are looking at your screen from behind and subtly informs you with visual cues. It gives you the option to blur your screen, or it can be set to blur automatically, allowing you to quickly shield your data.

2. Prioritize your privacy in virtual meetings

Client meetings these days happen mostly online, which makes it easy to overlook computer security and privacy.

When we step away from the camera, we’re not always aware of what sensitive information the person in the meeting can see in our surroundings, such as another colleague’s screens, or nearby whiteboards.

Tobii Aware’s presence-based technology removes this danger by detecting when you leave your camera feed automatically, and replacing it with an image of your choice, allowing you to easily maintain privacy.

3. Upgrade your cybersecurity with auto-lock

Another easy mistake to make with cybersecurity is forgetting to lock your screen when walking away from it.

Tobii Aware’s auto-lock feature enables you to avoid this by using advanced presence detection technology to lock your computer automatically when you leave it. This reduces the time window of potential data theft while still being responsive if you just turn away and back again. The “stay awake” feature also works to create an uninterrupted user experience, ensuring your computer stays awake when you’re present but inactive, preventing dimming or sleeping.

4. Prevent visual hacking with advanced privacy features

Thanks to cutting-edge presence detection, head tracking, and user identification technology, Tobii Aware’s continuous ID authentication and Privacy Screen features constantly monitor your presence and attention as well as regularly verify that you are you, when you’re at your screen.  

These features blur your screen when you look or step away from your device and will un-blur it only when the correct user (you) looks back at the screen or returns. 

This allows you to trust your computer not to show your content to other people as you turn to speak with them or leave the device. It helps you to avoid intentional (and even unintentional) visual hacking.     

Find these Tobii Aware privacy and security features and more smart functions preinstalled in Lenovo, MSI and Acer devices.  

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