Elevate your War Thunder experience with Tobii eye and head tracking

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War Thunder - fighter jet

Our Tobii Gaming community has long requested support for War Thunder. We’ve listened! Now we introduce Tobii head and eye tracking as your new ally for War Thunder.  

Following your instincts and keeping them awake is vital to beat your enemies and survive the battles. Stay one step ahead of your adversaries using Tobii technologies to experience the next level of immersion and extend your instincts into the game. 

Whether the battlefield is air, land, or sea, you can use Tobii’s Extended View and our new feature Camera Boost to look around with intuitive head movements and improve your situational awareness. It allows you to detect attacks from all directions. 

Increased situational awareness

Tobii eye and head tracking features available in War Thunder

Extended View 

Expand your view and master the world around you without even touching the mouse. Control the in-game camera with intuitive head movements.

Camera Boost

Adds a boost to the head tracking rotation. The boost amplifies the head tracking based on how far from the screen’s center you're looking.

Customize the experience through the Game Hub:

  • Adjust the maximal boost of head tracking rotation sensitivity with the In-game camera boost setting.
  • Tailor the Gaze dead-zone setting to determine at what distance from the screen’s center you must look for the boost to start increasing

Camera boost

We recognize the fervent demand from our community for War Thunder integration, and we've answered your call. Now, you can bring your head into the game to elevate your gameplay, refine your strategy, and dominate the battlefield. Master the hectic fights piloting aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces, and naval vessels with the extra precision and immersion offered by Tobii technologies. 

For more information about Tobii Eye Tracker 5 and our powerful range of gaming products, please visit our website.

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