Eye tracking drives innovation in healthcare: ControlRad use case

  • by Jan-Erik Lundkvist
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Tobii Control Rad Technology

Part one in a series of articles showcasing some of the inventive ways our partners and customers are using eye tracking in healthcare applications.

As eye tracking technology evolves, Tobii has been fostering innovation, enabling a variety of new features, applications, and use cases possible within healthcare. Medical device maker ControlRad has leveraged eye tracking to improve wellbeing for both practitioners and patients.


Headquartered in the US, ControlRad develops products that aim to minimize radiation exposure.

Despite revolutionizing the treatment of a number of diseases, X-ray guided procedures come with significant radiation-related health risks — not just for patients, but also for physicians and healthcare professionals who are subject to frequent exposure.

Reducing the radiation area

Using the same principle as foveated rendering, which leverages the way our eyes work — requiring just a small area in sharp focus — eye tracking can limit the radiation area to where the operator is looking.

By following the physician’s gaze, eye tracking provides the data to automatically focus the X-ray beam to the physician’s region of interest.

Watch the video to learn more.

Tobii Control Rad Technology

ControlRad’s solution is an ingenious way of leveraging the physiology of our eyesight to ensure safer medical procedures.

Enabling innovation in healthcare

Tobii eye tracking fosters innovation by enabling a new range of analytical capabilities and making highly-specialized devices safer, easier to use, and more responsive to user intention.

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