Eye tracking drives innovation in healthcare: RightEye use case

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Right Eye using Tobii eye tracker

Part two in a series of articles showcasing some of the inventive ways our partners and customers are using eye tracking in healthcare applications.

Eye tracking is an innovation enabler because it creates opportunities for new healthcare applications. One such opportunity has been leveraged by our partners, RightEye, who has used eye tracking to develop an assessment tool for vision and brain health, as well as sports performance.


RightEye is an American company with commercialized eye tracking solutions that support healthcare professionals and performance specialists to treat their patients and clients.

RightEye has combined its software solution with Tobii eye tracking to analyze eye movement behavior and translate that into easy-to-understand, objective reports — simplifying the process of diagnosis and treatment for doctors, therapists, educators, and human performance professionals.

Tobii Right Eye measure eye movements
Easy-to-understand reports are generated after measuring the patient’s eye moments

Eye tracking as a diagnostic tool

Health issues connected to eye movement—especially conditions that affect vision—are typically difficult to identify. In the absence of an easy-to-use solution, routine testing hasn’t been part of healthcare provider services. Until now, clinical staff have relied on their own vision to determine patient eye movement behavior—which requires skill and experience.

RightEye’s tool is revolutionary in the vision care sector, as it offers a unique way to assess reading capabilities, as well as sports and functional vision. The easy-to-use software, reader-friendly reports, and unobtrusive Tobii hardware enable non-expert professionals to expand their practices and services, helping more patients.

Watch the TED Talk by RightEye Co-Founder Melissa Hunfalvay to learn more about the connection between eye tracking and health:

Curious to know more about RightEye’s partnership with Tobii? Read our success story Expanding healthcare with eye tracking.

Enabling innovation in medical technology

The RightEye case is just one example of how eye tracking from Tobii is being used in innovative solutions that improve practices and advance medical technologies.

From enabling workflow efficiency in medical procedures to solutions for assistive communication devices, Tobii eye tracking is fostering innovation by enabling a new range of analytical capabilities and making highly-specialized devices safer, easier to use, and more responsive to user intention.

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