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Research spotlight interviews

In this series of interviews, esteemed researchers discuss how they have used eye tracking across a broad range of applications, and explore their ambitions of making a positive impact on society.

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Eye tracking beyond borders

Dr. Gustaf Gredebäck takes us on an eye tracking journey around the world, studying infant development in different cultural environments.

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Cracking the code: Exploring software development with eye tracking

Dr. Bonita Sharif shares how eye tracking can provide insights to support software development processes and build better tools.

Nivedita Mani thumbnail

Language acquisition: A dance between the child and its environment

Prof. Dr. Nivedita Mani sheds light on the complex mechanisms behind language acquisition and how eye tracking empowers research in her baby lab.

Karen Pierce thumbnail

Early autism diagnosis - shaping the future with eye tracking

Prof. Dr. Karen Pierce describes her breakthrough findings enabling early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder with the help of eye tracking technology.

Jochen Kuhn thumbnail

STEM education of the future

Prof. Dr. Jochen Kuhn explains how modern education technology facilitates teaching and learning STEM subjects, and how eye tracking enables studying its effects.

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Developing natural human-machine interaction

Prof. Dr. Kai Essig describes how eye tracking contributes to cutting-edge developments in natural user interfaces between humans and technical systems.

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Sports science at the frontier of elite athletic performance

Dr. Adam Kiefer highlights the importance of physiological, emotional and perceptual-cognitive behavior in elite sports performance training.