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One Tobii Update

As the world leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to be the best we can be.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a brand new website that will combine all our products, solutions, and integrations in one place. This isn't just going to look fantastic; it’s going to be easier than ever to see and understand everything we offer, from research and innovation to commercialization.

We believe that this new phase puts us in a great position to offer our customers the best experience possible, as well as to carry on shaping the future together.


Q: Is Tobii doing business differently?

A: No. The new website enables us to leverage synergies and drive innovation faster and more efficiently. We can offer our customers a smoother experience with our eye tracking and attention computing products, solutions, and integrations, covering their whole journey from research and innovation to commercialization in one customer-facing organization.

Q: Are any product lines being discontinued because of the merge?

A: No.

Q: Where will I find information on products, solutions and integrations now?

A: All currently available products and solutions are presented in the products section of the website

Q: Where can I contact Tobii’s customer care services now?

A: If you are looking for user manuals, tutorials, or how to get started with eye tracking, our support services and customer portal have everything you need. You reach them via

Q: Where can I subscribe to press releases and news updates from Tobii?

A: In our newsroom on you can sign up to receive press releases, financial reports, and news from Tobii.

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Tobii Gaming will continue to be a separate account for all gaming-related content.