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Special offer on our PoC development kit

We are offering a proof-of-concept development kit designed to boost development and lower time-to-market of gaze-controlled interfaces and assessment applications.

What the special offer includes


Tobii Eye Tracker 5L

Our latest plug-and-play solution, designed with lean principles for seamless (USB) connection, connects to almost any device without loading the host and with minimal data transfer.

Tobii Prototyping and integration

A getting started workshop

To fast-track your development, our eye tracking experts will help you overcome common hurdles, such as understanding the data streams, customizing calibrations, and creating intuitive user experiences.

Tobii Patent portfolio

A 6-month developer license

Experiment to the extremes of innovation with access to all our developer toolkits and advanced data streams.


Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

  • The eyes as windows into your cognitive health: We use eye tracking from Tobii for objective and accurate detection of ADHD in children and adults. Braingaze uses a scientifically proven and clinically validated biomarker captured with the Tobii 5L eye tracker for optimal performance.

    Laszlo Bax

    Co-founder, BrainGaze

    Braingaze logo
  • This solution requires efficient and accurate eye tracking technology for which we found Tobii to be the natural partner as the global leader in eye tracking technology. The Tobii powerful eye tracking algorithms paved the way for the commercial success of our product.

    Ran Yam

    CEO, Novasight

    Novasight logo
  • Tobii’s eye trackers just work! It’s pretty amazing, we just ship it in the post, the school plugs it in, and it works.

    Martin Sjöstrand

    CEO, Lexplore

    Lexplore logo

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