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Eye tracking studies

Read the articles to find out how our technology is used in eye tracking studies.

Tobii The search for the why

The search for ‘why?’

Find out how eye tracking reveals fundamental insights into your consumer's experience as well as the truths behind shopper reasoning.

Evaluating package design

Evaluating package design

This sample report shows how package design studies or similar projects can be set up, as well as the insights you can expect.

Whitepaper banner - Tobii

The all-in-one guide to choosing the right eye tracker for your research

This guide will walk you through the questions that are important to consider when evaluating a new eye tracking system, to help you choose the right eye tracker for your research.

Tobii UX research report

Empowering UX design with attention data

In this sample report, you’ll see data and insights from a range of UX studies focusing on mobile app design, web design, prototype testing, and in-store navigation.

Eye tracking in neurology and psychiatry research

Eye tracking in neurology and psychiatry research

Read this white paper to discover how measuring eye movements can provide insights into various brain conditions and aid early disease detection.

Cognitive Psychology processes

Eye tracking – a window to cognitive processes

Read this white paper to learn the value of eye tracking in cognitive psychology and neuroscience research and how it is used to study selected cognitive functions like attention, memory, decision-making, problem-solving, or associative learning.


Download the product brochures to learn more about our eye tracking products.

Annual research report 2022

Scientific publications with Tobii eye tracking solutions

In this report, we take a closer look at scientific papers published during 2022 that feature Tobii eye tracking equipment. The report gives an overview of how Tobii’s solutions contribute to advances in science and showcases the wide range of setups and applications that eye tracking has within research today.

Scientific publications - Annual report