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Leading solution for driver and occupant monitoring systems

Autosense delivers in-vehicle safety and comfort.


Tobii has acquired AutoSense

Adding to its portfolio of automotive solutions, Tobii has finalized the acquisition of AutoSense, a business specializing in interior sensing solutions

Automotive interior sensing with DMS and OMS

Designed to meet current and future regulatory and safety needs, Autosense, our driver and occupant monitoring systems use AI to perceive occupant and driver states, activities, and intentions for a safer and more comfortable experience.

  • Sensing

    Driver and occupant

  • Platform


  • Camera


  • Efficient

    Resource use

Adaptability for manufacturers

Autosense seamlessly adapts to most cameras and platforms – creating a fast and easy pathway to deployment for automotive manufacturers.

Tobii Driver Monitoring System - distracting driving

Driver attentiveness sensing

Our embedded cognition technology delivers safety while keeping the users' privacy.

Autosense brings sensing technologies to keep drivers safe on the road. Our innovative system warns against distractions and drowsiness, preventing accidents before they happen.

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More than driver sensing

Autosense detects all occupants to maximize user experience for all passengers.

Our solution responds to every occupant and understands in-cabin changes to maximize the user experience.

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In-cabin brilliance powered by AI

We are creating the evolving cabin. The more it’s used, the better it gets.

Our next-gen machine learning ensures constant adaptation, transforming the vehicle into a dynamic space attuned to internal and external cues. Autosense turns the automobile into an intuitive companion that understands and adjusts to its driver and passengers, redefining the driving experience.

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