Eye tracking and attention computing

Unlock the future of
scientific research

Turn human behavior into scientific progress

Scientific researchers use eye tracking to decode human behavior. The data provided by our technology enables discovery, helps solve previously unsolvable problems, and validates findings.

Tobii Pro Spectrum

The Tobii product suite

Our extensive product suite spans the whole range of eye tracking use cases, from direct-for-use products to long-term partnerships with your company, organization, or academic institution.

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Tobii Pro Spectrum

Eye trackers

Our range of eye trackers include screen-based and wearable solutions enabling you to collect data and run eye tracking applications no matter what your scientific or commercial research question is, no matter where you are.

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Tobii Pro Lab


Our software solutions allow you to analyze eye tracking data and build applications leveraging the data.

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Tobii integrations


Our flexible integration product portfolio includes USB peripherals, compact integration platforms, as well as the services you need to realize your innovation.

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Tobii Consulting services

Consulting services

Educational, support, and consulting services to maximize the use of our eye tracking products — from setup, through data collection and analysis, as well as product integration.

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Our gaming offering includes a range of products and solutions that deliver head and eye tracking for in-game immersion, streaming, and esports.

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This is us

We build solutions and technologies that shape the future. Twenty years ago, we created the world’s first remote eye tracker. Today we are the global leader in eye tracking, using attention computing to help our clients capture and understand human attention and intent. We do it to understand the human mind and make human life better. That’s how we’re building a better future.

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