How eye tracking can enhance your performance in F1 PC game

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F1 racing PC game - Tobii Gaming
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What can Tobii Eye Tracking do for you as a racing enthusiast to improve your skills and help you get more out of simulation games such as F1? Well, let’s start with theory concerning taking a curve in a perfect racing line. 

In general when you drive through a curve you brake, turn in and then accelerate. Too simple? Yes, here is a couple of illustrations showing how these things work together. 

F1 racing PC game - Tobii Gaming

As illustrated above the challenge is finding the ideal racing line to maximize speed before and after the curve. To do that, you need to identify the apex point and steer the vehicle towards it. There are of course variations of this such as late apex (right image), which is a technique to hit a slightly further apex point compared to the geometrical apex. After the vehicle reaches the apex, it’s full throttle ahead to exit the curve as fast as possible. 

It’s in that crucial moment you need to find and turn towards the apex point that eye tracking features come very much in handy. With eye tracking you can see more of the curve and keep your gaze point at the apex point. It’s much better than just having the in-game camera automatically turn as you steer left or right, which doesn’t guarantee you can fix your gaze at the right spot. With Tobii Eye tracking, the camera turns toward your natural gaze point, meaning you can easily find and focus on the desired spot — the apex point. 

F1 racing PC game - Tobii Gaming
Left: Without eye tracking — Right: With eye tracking

Taking the curve with and without eye tracking. With eye tracking (right) more of the curve is visible and you can easily focus your gaze at the apex point and plan the corner exit.

So, that’s one significant way eye tracking can increase your enjoyment and enhance your performance in a fast-paced racing games like F1.

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