Rapid firing + intelligent interfaces with eye tracking in VR

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Person playing a game with a VR headset

Today, selecting an object in Virtual Reality is done by using your head or hands. This can feel clumsy and take some getting used to.

However, compared to the head or your hands, your eyes are exceptionally accurate in locating objects of interest.

Using your eyes adds another level of immersion to VR — while also making the gaming experience more fast paced and effective.

Adding eye tracking to VR solves some fundamental drawbacks we see in headsets today. Instead of pointing and aiming with your hand or head you can simply look at an object and press a button to select it!

In the demo shown above the player needs to look at the incoming orbs and grab them. The player can then target the flying ships with their eyes and release to fire. 

This is all done effortlessly by using your eyes; observe how the player is able to target and hit a large amount of ships in a short amount of time. 

In a fast-paced scenario, targeting with your eyes is faster compared to aiming a controller at the target. 

A necessary element in every game is the ability to choose an option from a menu or to interact with various objects in the game environment. Eye Tracking can simplify, making the user interaction easy and effective. This can be especially convenient when players’ hands are busy. 

Eye tracking enables the player to control menus and interfaces with a glance, making selection and browsing more fast paced and intuitive. 

Simply look at the object you want to choose, press a button and you are done. Easily target and select the object you want to grab using your eyes and manipulate it with your hands. 

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