VIVE Pro Eye brings eye tracking to the forefront of VR

  • by Johan Bouvin
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HTC Vive Pro Eye

2019 started off with exciting announcements in the rapidly evolving VR space, and HTC made a big splash by unveiling the VIVE Pro Eye, their newest professional-grade VR headset.

As the name implies, this is a new version of the VIVE Pro that now comes with fully integrated eye tracking.

Eye tracking benefits in the VIVE Pro Eye

The incorporation of eye tracking technology provided by Tobii for HTC’s VIVE Pro Eye is a clear sign of something Tobii has been saying for a long time: eye tracking is becoming increasingly foundational for XR.

The possibility of tracking and analyzing the users’ eye movements results not only in a better device (allowing for more efficient GPU usage through Foveated Rendering), but can also enable developers to create better user experiences through smoother interactions and more intuitive controls.

But perhaps the greatest benefit for professional users — the target audience for this headset — is the analytical insights that eye tracking enables. Researchers, UX designers and VR developers can leverage eye tracking data to get a deeper understanding or their audience and immediate feedback into their products or designs in a fully-controlled virtual environment.

Reception at CES

The announcement of the VIVE Pro Eye was very well received at CES and was mentioned by several tech reviewers as one of the best VR products presented in the show.

VIVE Pro Eye is now available to purchase. Find out more about the HMD.

The prominence of eye tracking as one of the main differentiation factors for this powerful headset is strong proof that eye tracking is a mainstay for the next generation of VR HMDs. Or as Wareable put it, the VIVE Pro Eye shows that integrated eye tracking is exactly what VR needs.

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