Tobii Data collection campaign
Tobii Data Collections

Look. Learn. Earn.

Participate in our eye tracking data collections in Stockholm and get a 300 SEK voucher from GoGift each occasion. You get to try some cool tech and help us make sure technology remains inclusive.


Data collection participation

Who can participate?

Anyone! It does not matter how good your eyesight is. We run several data collections over the course of the year, and you will surely match some of them. However, each data collection often has certain criteria, so we cannot guarantee that you can participate in each collection. We save data and even if you're not chosen right away, you could be emailed at a later date. ​

Why participate?

Eye tracking saves lives in traffic, helps people interact with machines and improves entertainment experiences. It allows you to control devices just by looking at them — a life-changing experience for some. We need people like you to train our algorithms, so that we can future-proof our technology and make sure that our products remain inclusive and work equally well for everyone. You also get paid to be a test subject!​ ​​


Concurrently, we have data collections for Tobii eye tracking device, either for Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), VR headsets or screen-based solutions.

By signing up you will get an invite whenever you match a certain study.

What you can expect?

The process takes about half an hour to complete, which will take place at our headquarters in Danderyd, Stockholm, near the Mörby Centrum metro station.

You will interact with a Tobii eye tracking device, either for Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), VR headsets or screen-based solutions.
All you need to do is to follow the dot with your eyes as it moves around the screen. Our data collection team will be there to guide you through the procedure.

Eye openness functionality - Tobii Pro Lab

How to participate

How to participate in our data collections

  • Step 1

    Sign up via the form below

  • Step 2

    We will review your application to see if you match the criteria of a current collection

  • Step 3

    We send you a booking link, book a time that suits you

  • Step 4

    Come to the data collection at Karlsrovägen 2C, Danderyd, near T-bana Mörby Centrum

  • Step 5

    We collect the data

  • Step 6

    You get a gift card from Gogift, amount can vary but is minimally 300 SEK per occasion

Sign up

We ask you for details about your age and gender to ensure that we select people/test subjects who fairly reflect the general population.

If for some reason, we receive too many sign-ups from a particular demographic group, we may not select you to participate at this time. 

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Putting your data to good use

Eye tracking data provides unique insights into human behavior and conditions, digitalizing the way people interact with machines and devices.

Many of our partners have made amazing products based on this technology, including:

  • Controlling games with your eyes

  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, which provide a means of communication for people with speech and movement disabilities.

  • Rapid and unbiased assessment of reading capabilities.

  • Detection and treatment of lazy eye (a condition that affects about 4 million children every year).

  • Assessment of traumatic brain injury, attention deficiencies, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s.

  • Cognitive load assessment and drowsiness detection

Young girl recovering from eye surgery



Why do we need a picture of you?

Our technology works for most people, but the edge cases — where it does not work — are interesting for us because the more of these cases we can solve, the more inclusive our technology becomes. However, to enable our technology to learn, it needs to know a lot more about the data. Aspects that affect how our technology work include the relative brightness of the color of your eyes in comparison to the color of your pupil, details about the kind of sight correction you may have, the shape of your eyelids, and whether you have heavy eyelashes. Skin tone can have an impact because eye tracking calculates metrics using reflected light, which varies depending on whether you are light, medium, or dark skinned.

I use a wheelchair/have limited mobility. Can I participate?

Absolutely! The test location and tests are open to everyone.

Can I participate more than once?

To ensure a representative statistical distribution, we take one set of measurements from each person in each collection. You can participate in different data collections, but only once per campaign. We check your ID to make sure that you do not participate in the same collection twice. We will contact you in the future when we need to collect data to test different technologies.

Is there an age limit?

We are currently looking for people between 18 and 80.

Is eye tracking safe?

Absolutely. The eye tracker uses cameras and near- infrared light (which is practically invisible to the human eye). Infrared light is present all around you, in sunlight as well as other sources of everyday illumination and it is harmless.

How will you use and store my data?

Tobii handles data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), which includes strict rules for how personal data is handled and stored, including your right to be forgotten. Tobii uses the data collection to train and develop our algorithms and technology, with the aim of improving our products and services. Personal data will not be processed for any other purpose. Personal data may be shared within Tobii AB and with other companies in the same corporate group as Tobii, but never to anyone else (we may instruct third parties to process the Personal Data on our behalf strictly in accordance with our instructions). We treat your Personal Data in accordance with applicable data protection laws, and fully respect your privacy. See our privacy policy here

How do you handle data privacy?

Tobii treats Personal Data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and fully respects the privacy of data subjects.

As part of Tobii’s work to enhance privacy protection, Personal Data will, to the extent practically possible, be stored in Tobii systems in a pseudonymized manner. This means that the data we collect is stored separately from your name and contact information.


Tobii office in Danderyd

Karlsrovägen 2C

S-182 53 Danderyd

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About Tobii

Short facts about Tobii

  • Founded in 2001

  • Over 600 employees (with one-third in R&D)

  • Revenue: SEK 616 million (2021)

  • Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TOBII) since 2015

  • Headquarters in Stockholm with 13 offices around the globe

  • 835+ patents and applications