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Our software for driver monitoring is built on two decades of attention computing, protecting road users from driver drowsiness and distraction. With flexibility, easy integration, and practicality at the forefront, it’s the safest option for drivers and the most sensible option for OEMs and Tier 1s.

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Our automotive interior sensing offerings

Visit Tobii Autosense to see all our automotive offerings. Our technology enables OEMs to build for tomorrow, helping them design and implement features that offer a more comfortable and intuitive in-cabin experience.

Why driver monitoring?

Why driver monitoring?

Safer roads

Every year more than 1.35 million people are killed in road accidents, and 90 % of these result from human error, often drowsiness or distraction. Technology that mitigates the human factor is going to be critical in achieving Vision Zero; the end of road traffic deaths.​

New legislation

A political consensus is growing. All new cars in the EU will require a camera-based DMS by the year 2026, meaning manufacturers need to begin incorporating this software into their systems now. A DMS is no longer a luxury feature; it’s the law. ​

Driving comfort

Driving shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and when drivers feel safe, it isn’t. With our DMS analyzing attention, distraction, and drowsiness, drivers feel that extra layer of protection. The system is subtle, unobtrusive, and only steps in when needed, providing a calm and pleasant environment for the driver and passengers.​

Our DMS solution

Our DMS Solution

Tobii DMS leverages core signals to understand and monitor the cognitive state of the driver, including distraction, drowsiness, and other potentially dangerous behaviors. This allows OEMs and Tier 1s to create warnings and alerts that react to the maximum thresholds for driver states and data from other sensors, like the speedometer. With a deep-learning algorithm built on comprehensive population coverage, Tobii DMS works for any driver, in any situation.

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Why Tobii DMS

What makes Tobii DMS different?

20 years of innovation

Innovation is in our DNA - We reinvest 40% of our turnover into R&D, and with the world’s largest eye tracking and attention computing patent portfolio, we bring powerful eye technology and two decades of expertise to disrupt the DMS industry.

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Any driver, any situation

We collect high-quality data for our deep-learning algorithm, helping us to build an unbeatably robust signal. This means that Tobii DMS works under a wide range of lighting conditions, regardless of hats, sunglasses, and face coverings, and across all ethnicities. 

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Subtle and unobtrusive

A driver monitoring system needs to work for the driver. That’s why we prioritize an unobtrusive setup that doesn’t affect the driver’s natural behavior, ensuring focus behind the wheel. The accuracy of Tobii DMS also eliminates false positives, so you only notice it when it’s needed.  

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Flexibility for manufacturers

We give our customers control over camera selection and placement, so they never have to compromise on their design choices. The strength of Tobii DMS makes it compatible with a range of different hardware specifications, meaning a lower total cost of implementation for OEMs and Tier 1 customers. 

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Long-term business partner

We build relationships with OEMs and Tier 1s that provide stability and trust over the long term. Our full-stack in-house competence puts leading expertise at your fingertips and makes us the ideal partner for automotive projects.

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News and articles


Driver Conference event

Tobii DMS has been awarded its first design win


Tobii has been selected by the world’s largest automotive Tier-1 supplier based in Germany to deliver its software for driver monitoring systems (DMS).

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Tobii collaborates with Automotive Motion Lab in a research project to detect driver drowsiness without cameras


Tobii and Automotive Motion Lab, a joint initiative by Stellantis and Aix-Marseille Université, are collaborating to evaluate driver drowsiness from several physiological measurements and seat data. The initiative is another testament to Tobii's commitment to making roads safer with innovative technology.

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