Tobii Aware
Device integrations

Tobii Aware

Tobii Aware can be integrated into a wide range of PC products including these popular models.


Lenovo products

Lenovo 5 series - laptops

Lenovo Legion 5 series

Tobii Aware is integrated into the Lenovo Legion 5 series and includes a range of Tobii Aware features that improve the user experience in subtle, but powerful ways.

Tobii Aware in Legion 7 series

Lenovo Legion 7 series

Legion 7 series comes in a portable package, without compromising processing or graphics power. Together with Tobii Aware the device becomes smarter and safer for a better user experience.

Lenovo 9 series - laptops

Lenovo Legion 9 series

Tobii Aware is integrated into the Lenovo Legion 9 series. Smart technology that anticipates your needs. Secure from inside out. A better way to work, even from home.


MSI products

MSI series

MSI Summit Series

Equipped with Tobii Aware, the Summit series provides better security and increases users’ convenience with MSI’s top-of-the-line business and productivity laptop. Supported in the following Summit models; E14Evo A12M, E14FlipEvo A12MT, E13FlipEvo A12MT, E16FlipEvo A12MT.

Tobii Aware integration

MSI Prestige 14Evo A12M

The MSI Prestige design is driven by aesthetics, and with the integration of Tobii Aware, users do not have to compromise on productivity, wellbeing and security features either.

Tobii Aware integration

MSI PRO AP242 12M | AP272 12M

With MSI Pro users can work smarter with outstanding productive experience, security, and wellbeing. Optimized workflow and less troubleshooting are among the core features of this device. It has strong computing performance and FHD built-in camera.

Tobii Aware integration

MSI Modern AM272 12M | AM272P 12M

Designed with better user experience, security, and productivity in mind, MSI Modern includes technology such as privacy screen and peeker detection.


Acer products

Tobii Aware integration

Veriton Vero all-in-one

The Veriton Vero All-in-One is a well-designed business computer with excellent performance and security. It includes the Tobii Aware features for a greater experience.

Tobii Aware integration

Veriton 6000 All-in-one

Veriton 6000 All-in-one uses smart sensor technology to improve security and privacy, as well as the comfort of the user with the help of Tobii Aware.

Tobii Aware integration

Veriton 4000 All-in-one

Experience smart interactions with the Veriton 4000 All-in-one, with a more seamless workflow experience enabled by the Tobii Aware software solution.