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Develop next-generation XR experiences

Implement new levels of immersion in XR with eye tracking

Enhance virtual interactions, develop innovative metaverse experiences, and deliver immersion with eye tracking. Tobii XR SDK does the heavy lifting so that you can leverage eye tracking and get applications running on your headset.


Natural interactions

Offer intuitive and powerful interactions

Leverage eye tracking to power augmented interactions. Allow users to move virtual objects with a glance, superpower users with gaze-based target-seeking capabilities. Extend user immersion with ergonomic object selection and activation.

Attentive UX

UX that understands and responds to intent

Streamline interfaces and immerse users in your applications or games with intuitive gaze-based interaction. Create environments that are sensitive to user attention — leverage reactions and deliver smooth UX controls.

Social awareness

Create a deep and vivid social presence

Enhance avatars and virtual characters with true-to-life expressions. Connect metaverse users intuitively with authentic eye contact. Build immersive experiences with characters and environments that can respond to gaze and user attention.

Immersive graphics

Push the limits of immersion with high-fidelity graphics

Gaze-based technologies like dynamic foveated rendering and transport help optimize rendering speeds and quality. Get the most out of eye tracking enabled XR headsets by lowering the resolution in the periphery while maintaining high resolution in the user’s focus area. Reallocate saved resources to maintain a high and steady frame rate.

User insights

Gain a deep understanding of user behavior

Leverage data and insights based on user interests and what captures their attention. Enhance usability with comprehensive real-time data streams and flexible filtering options, helping you make sound development decisions.


Eye tracking implementation made easy and effective

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Empower your stories

Our eye tracking technology enables boundless possibilities in XR. Leverage eye tracking to create true-to-life avatar behaviors and power hand-eye coordination features, creating new and unique games and applications.     

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Implementation made easy

Our dev kit is compatible with your headset and engine of choice. It adds eye tracking libraries and tools that encompass two decades of know-how to your developer environment, helping you create compelling stories and experiences.

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Tools made for you

The Tobii XR SDK includes a wide range of modules and capabilities to facilitate the development of your applications or games. It cuts out low-level coding, helping you to leverage eye tracking.

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Knowledge powerhouse

Our XR Devzone offers libraries and tools built on two decades of dedicated research and development. We have bundled our know-how into guidelines, video snippets, showcases, and code examples in the hope that we can help you build unique and robust AR, VR, and MR experiences.



Explore new possibilities, develop next-gen experiences, and become an XR trailblazer.

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