Tobii Ocumen
Tobii Ocumen

Powering advanced VR applications

Tobii Ocumen is a premium eye tracking solution designed to enable new capabilities in advanced VR applications. It delivers advanced real-time data streams and filters optimized for the development of VR applications in domains such as health assessment, therapeutics, and research.

Tobii Ocumen in action

Use in health assessment

As a biomarker, eye tracking plays a significant role in providing data-based analytics for use in health assessments. Specifically, eye tracking can provide the analytics to develop new methods of detecting neurological conditions and diseases as well as vision impairments.

Medical diagnosis using VR

What Tobii Ocumen delivers

Tobii Ocumen delivers gaze vector data streams separately for each eye, which, for example, could be leveraged in an assessment application for amblyopia (lazy eye) — one of the leading causes of vision impairment in children.

Tobii Ocumen delivers pupil diameter separately for each eye. This data could serve as an additional biometric in assessing cognitive load and fatigue as well as traumatic brain injury — enabling the development of advanced VR applications that provide clinical staff with assessment support.

Use in therapeutics

The mobility and relatively low cost-level of VR compared with traditional therapeutics has led to a rise in VR applications designed to cure vision impairments, overcome fears, and address trauma.

Tobii Ocumen delivers accurate eye movement and pupil size measurements enabling an application to identify minute changes in user reaction — enabling the development of advanced VR applications that provide therapists with detailed feedback and patients with convenient therapy.

Theuraptic assessment using VR

What you get with Tobii Ocumen


Built with machine learning and tested for robustness, Tobii Ocumen delivers accurate, precise, and stable data streams for the widest variety of eye shapes and colors as well as physical and neurological eye conditions.


Built to enable new eye tracking capabilities for advanced VR applications, Tobii Ocumen delivers advanced real-time data streams with flexible filtering options together with standard signals found in OpenXR and headset manufacturer SDKs. The design supports flexible use and data collection with customized level of data filtering.


Built to facilitate development, Tobii Ocumen deploys as a data extension through the Tobii XR SDK or directly on commercially available headsets equipped with Tobii eye tracking and Tobii Ocumen.

To support rapid application development, the Tobii SDK also includes easy-to-use example code, together with powerful Unity samples and comprehensive documentation.


Built on two decades of eye tracking development for industrial and professional use, Tobii Ocumen delivers the level of trustworthiness required by health assessment, therapeutics, and research applications.

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Fields of use

Doctors performing surgery
Healthcare technology

Healthcare technology

Eye tracking technology empowers quick and early diagnosis of potentially life altering diseases and helps in the long-term treatment of certain disorders and disabilities.

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Woman looking at CT scans
Scientific research

Clinical research

Clinical researchers use eye tracking to explore biomarkers for impaired brain function, enabling new tools for diagnosis, rehabilitation, and treatment.

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