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Tobii Ocumen

Powering advanced VR applications

Tobii Ocumen is an eye tracking toolkit that delivers detailed biometrics with readily available filters and high-level analytics through practical visuals.


We designed this toolkit for researchers and developers to provide access to new kinds of data, gain insight into cognitive processes, and develop scientific-grade applications in domains such as health assessment, therapeutics, training, and simulation. Tobii Ocumen is currently compatible with all commercial XR headsets integrated with our eye tracking.

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In action

Tobii Ocumen in action

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Use in health assessment

By providing biometrics such as gaze vector and pupil diameter for each eye individually, Tobii Ocumen can expedite the research and development of innovative detection and assessment solutions in areas like neurology, vision impairment, and cognitive load assessment.

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Use in therapeutics

The accurate eye movement and pupil-size measurements Tobii Ocumen delivers make it possible to identify microscopic changes in user behavior — the kind of insight essential for the research and development of new therapeutic solutions.

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Use in training and simulation

An application can combine robust pupil dilation data delivered by Tobii Ocumen with additional sensor data (GSR and EEG) to generate drowsiness, distraction, and cognitive load signals — which in turn provide a deep understanding of performance and skill.

  • Tobii Ocumen makes it easier for us to run our software and do our analysis. Everything is being filtered for us. All the high frequency gaze data are captured, processed, and filtered — a step we hadn't previously been able to utilize. When the data gets to us, it's ready for our implementation. It's a tremendous time-saver, and it puts the raw data into a consumable format

    Scott Anderson

    Clinical Officer, NeuroSync

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Tobii Ocumen features

Record and replay any data

Tobii Ocumen combines comprehensive access to data, including advanced eye tracking signals, controller events, 3D object movements, and user view video — all in a unified format. Ready-made recorders integrate easily with Unity projects, and Tobii Ocumen Studio provides instant visual inspection of recorded data. Samples provide ready-to-use templates for typical study paradigms.

Hassle-free setup

Out of the box, Tobii Ocumen delivers all the necessary infrastructure for data collection — database formats, file size optimizations, and data I/O layers — with convenient visualizations and filter libraries to analyze eye movement data.

Data collection your way

We have designed Tobii Ocumen to integrate with other analysis tools, programming languages, and platforms. The sans-IO database ensures that you can access your data from Unity as from Python, Rust, or MATLAB.

Lab and field telemetry

Tobii Ocumen provides a fast and lightweight framework for automating the collection of attention data in lab and field scenarios.

Start developing

Start developing with Tobii Ocumen

For more information about developing with Tobii Ocumen, visit our devzone.

  • Eye tracking and VR are the primary research tools our lab uses to develop innovative tools for training in aviation and other high-risk industries. Tobii Ocumen allows us to develop our unique tools, much more effectively, spending more time on our core business, and less on programming.

    Dr. Sam Vine

    Co-founder of Cineon Training and Associate Professor at the University of Exeter

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Why choose Tobii Ocumen

Why choose Tobii Ocumen


Built with machine learning and tested for robustness, Tobii Ocumen delivers accurate, precise, and stable data streams for the widest variety of eye shapes and colors as well as physical and neurological eye conditions.


Built on over two decades of eye tracking development for industrial and professional use, Tobii Ocumen delivers the trustworthiness required by health assessment, therapeutics, and research applications.


Built to enable new eye tracking capabilities for advanced VR applications, Tobii Ocumen delivers advanced real-time data streams with flexible filtering options together with standard signals found in OpenXR and headset manufacturer SDKs. The design supports flexible use and data-collection with customized levels of data filtering.


Built to facilitate development, Tobii Ocumen deploys as a data extension through our XR SDK or directly on commercially available headsets equipped with our eye tracking and Tobii Ocumen. To support rapid application development, our XR SDK includes easy-to-use example code, powerful Unity samples, and comprehensive documentation.

Commercial headsets with our eye tracking

Tobii XR headsets - Pico
Device integrations

Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

Tobii eye tracking optimized for Qualcomm XR 2 platform — the world's first XR platform to unite 5G and AI.

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HP Reverb G2 Omnicept
Device integrations

HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

Tobii eye tracking combined with other sensor data to uncover human insights, creating new opportunities in training, wellbeing, creation, and collaboration.

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