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How it works

Immediate insights in three easy steps

Tobii UX Explore steps

1. Create your test in minutes

  • Define the tasks for participants.
  • Insert the media you want to test.
  • Choose between single or A/B testing.
  • Add survey questions.
Tobii UX Explore steps

2. Run the test

  • Recruit participants from across the globe.

  • Easily invite them via email or a panel.

  • Participants complete the test wherever they are, on their smartphone.

Tobii UX Explore steps

3. Get the results

  • Compare the attention patterns of participants.

  • See what gets seen, what gets ignored, and what causes confusion.

  • Improve your UX design with first-hand user insights!

Viewing the results

Viewing the results

Tobii UX Explore’s testing platform has a range of result visualizations that give you the insights you need, in ways that make sense.

Screen recordings with gaze and tap overlay

Replay of individual sessions allow you to look through your users’ eyes and follow their journey through your product.

You can learn:

  • Where users expect to find information or interactions.

  • If anything distracts or confuses your users on their path.

  • What users see and what they miss entirely.

  • If there is any confusion around certain elements/information.

Additional insights

Additional insights


Our static image heatmaps show you where your participants looked most frequently or for the longest duration. The red spots indicate keen attention in this area, while areas without red spots show less attention.


Fixation is when a test participant looks at a specific point over a certain period of time, which is highly correlated to a person's focus of attention. Therefore, longer fixations on a particular object will indicate that the user's attention has been caught, whereas shorter fixations will reveal areas of less interest to the participant.

Survey questions

Add default survey questions to assess your participants’ demographic data or add custom multiple-choice questions to learn more detailed information about your users. Your test participants will answer these questions before starting your test. You can also integrate external surveys with your test.


Activating thinking-out-loud on a task helps you understand your participants’ experience even better while they navigate your page or prototype. They will be asked to speak their thoughts out loud during a task, which provides real-time insights during usability tests.


This shows where your participants tapped or clicked as they interacted with your product.

A/B testing

Create an A/B test to compare two versions of your product or compare your product to competitors.

Task ratings

Rating style questions after a task help you quickly assess your participants. Was the task clear? Was it difficult to achieve? You can define this question yourself to gather more user insights.


Tobii UX Explore calculates how long participants took to complete a task.


Know exactly what device each of your participants used to complete your test.

Completion rate

Shows the number of participants that completed each task.

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