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Training your team has never been easier

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Bridging the skills gap doesn’t have to be a challenge. By adding eye tracking to your standard operating procedures (SOPs), you’ll be able to create visualizations that help bring the rest of your team up to speed quickly, easily transfer knowledge from experts and build a safer work environment.

Why add eye tracking to your workforce training?

Training staff with eye tracking in a factory

1. Empower your team – safely 

Your employees are your strongest asset. Make sure they are ready to take on the digital transformation by using eye tracking to help them clearly and effectively master these new technologies and embrace innovation. Equipping your workforce with the right skillset will set your organization up for long-term growth. 

Live viewing employees' visual strategy while performing work tasks

2. Bring new hires up to speed - quickly 

Staff turnover can have a huge impact on your training expenses, but adding eye tracking can mitigate the time, money and resources required to onboard new team members. Your new hires will appreciate literally seeing through the eyes of an expert to understand what they need to do. It doesn't get any clearer than that.  

Skills Transfer Car Manufacturer Gazeplot

3. Transfer knowledge - visually

In almost all high-skill tasks, it can be difficult to verbally articulate best practices. Eye tracking provides visualizations like gaze plots, heatmaps, and visual replays that enable you to easily compare the performance of a novice worker with a more skilled one. This knowledge transcends language barriers, so multinational companies can transfer skills in a way that is universally understood.

Check out this video on how H&H Castings was able to reveal best practices and train newcomers by adding eye tracking to their training. 

Tobii pro Glasses 2 eye tracker is used in manufacturing industry to improve training and safery

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