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Eye tracking for training: How can I convince my team?

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Eager to improve your training methods with eye tracking but still need to get your team on board? We've got you covered! We’ll provide you with persuasive arguments and practical tips to win over your team so you can start reaping the benefits of eye tracking in your organization.

The challenge

For a lot of organizations, the biggest challenge is how they can save time and money in training. When approaching your team to discuss eye tracking, it’s important to bear in mind that they may not be aware of the current levels of waste and inefficiency within current training processes.

It’s important that your team understand that skills transfer between employees has space to be optimized. Some of the main challenges for training that they might not have considered include:

  • Educators in the workforce lack time to focus on their jobs.
  • New employees have slow onboarding timeframes.
  • Long-serving employees find it difficult to articulate their techniques.
  • Time and cost are diverted to inefficient training and away from core business operations.

Eye tracking allows educators and trainees within your organization to visualize the implicit skills of seasoned employees, allowing them to understand techniques that are ordinarily hard to articulate. We’ve seen that the use of eye tracking can
cut training time in half, and substantially lower costs. That’s not a guess, that’s our experience working with some of the world’s largest companies (take parts producer Denso). Show your team that this isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity to boost productivity and stay competitive.

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No coding, no problem

One common concern among training managers is that new technologies bring added workload. But modern eye tracking systems are remarkably user-friendly. Our eye tracking technology is designed to be used right out of the box, so you don’t need to be a tech guru to get quality insights.

By removing the barriers to entry, organizations can quickly harness the benefits of this technology and maximize their training potential. Assure your team that eye tracking systems eliminate the need for manual video coding and analysis, but rather streamline the training management process, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

Showcase powerful insights

Eye tracking lets your team see exactly where your skilled employees focus their attention. This means that the hidden skills and techniques that get missed can be recorded and unpacked.

With qualitative video output and clear recordings, you can watch experienced performers alongside novices, capturing their gaze and attention. These videos combine visual and audio feedback for an overall snapshot that shows what makes top performers excel. It also gives junior employees the unique opportunity to learn from their expertise. The real-time replay functionality allows trainers and trainees to review and analyze performance instantly, enabling immediate feedback and targeted improvement.

Want to see concrete examples of the insights you can gain?
Check out our Sample Report for results of a typical eye tracking study for training.

Tobii - Training and assessment report

We can also guide you through the entire research process - our Insight Services consultation team works in collaboration with you to review the recordings, conduct in-depth analysis, and provide meaningful training suggestions. With the help of our eye tracking consultation team, your focus can be on putting those insights into action!

Bring your onboarding to the digital age

Are you tired of the old-school pen-and-paper materials that employees barely read? With eye tracking, you can create engaging and professional videos that showcase expert versus novice performance, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Revitalizing your materials with eye tracking makes training more engaging, immersive, and memorable, leading to improved training outcomes and knowledge retention.

Address privacy and safety

Anticipate any privacy concerns your team might have and address them head-on. Reassure them that eye tracking technology stores data locally, without any cloud or data transfer. Explain that unique user IDs are used instead of personal information, ensuring anonymity.

You can also highlight the safety aspect of eye tracking glasses, which can be comfortably worn under safety glasses or helmets, providing a secure and non-intrusive experience.

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 Flexible pricing models 

For organizations concerned about initial cost, we offer flexible pricing models. Subscription-based plans and lower-cost entry points provide options for varying budgets and operational requirements. This flexibility ensures that organizations of all sizes can access the benefits of eye tracking technology without significant financial constraints. 

Real success stories 

Back up your arguments with success stories from companies that have already embraced eye tracking. Highlight case studies, such as our H&H Castings profile, where eye tracking led to increased productivity and enhanced safety protocols. These success stories serve as tangible proof of the positive impact eye tracking can have on training outcomes. 

Professional performance training with Tobii Pro Glasses2

Next steps

It's important to address concerns raised by decision-makers regarding the value and practicality of eye tracking technology. Remember to bring up:

  • The current challenge of time and cost
  • That no previous expertise is required
  • The kind of powerful insights eye tracking offers
  • The power of modernized training materials
  • That eye tracking systems are built for privacy and trust
  • The flexible pricing options
  • The true stories of companies improving their training every day

With these talking points and tips, we hope you can convince your team to embrace eye tracking for enhanced training.

Want to learn more about using eye tracking to train your workforce?

Please feel free to reach out to us, and an expert from our team would be happy to get in touch.

We look forward to helping you take your team's performance to new heights!

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