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Our team of research experts is ready to help you explore your research questions, and offer customized studies designed to leverage powerful eye tracking data. Get access to data-driven answers that help you make informed business decisions.


Experts in attention data

At Tobii, we specialize in helping businesses increase their value through a deeper understanding of human attention and intent. Whether you want to improve consumer engagement or optimize training processes for employees, our research consultancy service applies eye tracking technology and know-how to your business-critical questions.

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Your agile research partner

Tobii Insight Services is full-service and adaptable to your needs, helping you through every phase of the business innovation process. We’ll work with your organization, explore your research questions, and offer customized studies designed to leverage powerful attention data. Get access to data-driven answers that help you make informed business decisions.

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Measuring reality, not assumptions

Attention computing helps you validate your ideas about human behavior. Our team helps you conduct an eye tracking study into how your organization functions, focusing less on what people say, and more on what they do. This strategy is designed to give you the confidence to make bold decisions for your business going forward.

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What we offer

What we offer

Consumer and user experience

Tobii Insight Services uses eye tracking technology to find answers to your research questions. Discover what captures people’s attention, when is the most effective time to communicate your message, and which elements of your ad, store, or package get ignored.

We help optimize:

  • Shopping experience

  • Merchandising

  • User experience

  • Ad design

  • Package design

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  • In a recent landmark study on the convenience channel, we got more mileage out of our Tobii learnings than from any other partner.

    Ben Cline

    Manager, Strategic Shopper Insights at Anheuser-Busch

  • Their dedication and expertise are evident in all aspects of their work. They provided incisive and actionable insights for us to leverage both in the short and long term.

    Kavita Appachu

    Senior Manager UX Insights, Kelley Blue Book

  • Tobii Insight Services' eye tracking research helped us answer important business questions about the effectiveness of digital advertising signage.

    Kristina Norman

    Head of Analytics, Clear Channel

    Clear channel logo

Training and skills assessment

Tobii Insight Services also works with various manufacturing and industrial clients to optimize training processes and identify best practices. Find out how a video that shows you where experts are placing their attention can help you train new employees, improve safety measures, and increase productivity for your workforce.

We help optimize:

  • Assembly

  • Visual inspection

  • Equipment inspection and patrol

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Automation and digital transformation

Senior staff training younger employee


  • The accuracy and efficiency of the inspection process has been improved, the eye tracker has proven useful for training -we have halved the training time for new hires.

    Kaname Hirayama

    Plant General Manager, Denso

    Denso logo
  • The average training time is one full week, and we hope these study results and video will save us two days per employee. Ideally, this would save us about 400 hours of training time per year in that department.

    Jacob Hammill


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Our customers

Trusted by some of the world's largest companies

Our team

Our team

Our team comprises experts in human behavior with experience in various industries and commercial applications. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes to provide actionable insights into critical business questions. Come and meet the team!

Meet Pierrick who works on shopper research for FMCG companies and retailers.

Meet Stephano who works on shopper studies with FMCG companies and the beverage industry.

Meet Sylvia and learn more about her passion for understanding human behavior with UX research.

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Connect with the Tobii Insight Services team and discuss your next eye tracking project

Tobii Insight Services is our research consultancy service, helping clients design and create their own full-scale, eye tracking study. Whether you are experienced in finding attention data, or if it’s all new to you, we guide you through your eye tracking journey.