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Our team of research experts is ready and waiting to help you create and customize your own bespoke, full-service eye tracking study. We offer a flexible way for you to understand human behavior, allowing you to focus on turning insights into impact.


We know that not every business has a research department equipped to capture and analyze behavioral data. That’s where we come in, conducting studies in stores, homes, labs, and workplaces so that you get an unparalleled view of your frontline. What’s more, we stick around to help you understand these new insights and apply them to your specific business needs.

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A team of experts

We’re experts in eye tracking, but we’re also experts in industry. From ad design and shopper research to user experience and engineering, our team has the experience to find insights and apply them in the real world. Our broad portfolio of Tobii technology and software also ensures that you’ll have access to the most cutting-edge research methods on the market.  

With team members on five continents and a truly international network, we can conduct effective and efficient eye tracking research across the globe. Wherever you’re based, our team is ready to join yours.

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

We empower companies with a 360° understanding of human behavior within these fields:

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Consumer research and user experience

Eye tracking allows you to see things from the perspective of consumers. Whether you’re examining product placement, packaging design, advertising, or user experience, eye tracking accurately reveals what grabs attention, what influences purchase behavior, and how consumers engage with your product.

Senior staff training younger employee

Training and skills assessment

Eye tracking gives you a deeper understanding of how your workplace functions and how staff operate within it, allowing you to make changes to the way things are done and continually optimize your processes. For highly skilled professions, eye tracking provides the opportunity to capture insight on how individuals perform their work and clearly illustrate it to others.

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How we work:

The aim of our consultancy team is to guide your business to that “Aha!” moment. We work with you to understand your aims, and together we come up with a study that will deliver on high-impact results.

We’re also no strangers to integrating with other methods. We believe that eye tracking can intersect with a whole host of research techniques such as interviews, surveys, and ethnographic study to get a broad and cohesive result. We can work with your team to integrate Tobii tech and analytics into your research toolbox so you can use eye tracking in future research.

Your partner in research

When it comes to your project, you’re the boss. We provide the tech, software, and the analytics, while your level of involvement is up to you.

For a full-service project you provide us with the challenge, and we find the solution together. We’ll work out the overall objective and the scope of the study, and then determine the design of the experiment itself. Once we have the data, we’ll analyze it together and package it in ways that are easy to visualize and present to stakeholders.

Even if you’re looking to invest in our equipment and execute your own studies, you may want help in your first project. Our consultants can tag along and share their knowledge in the initial stages, scaling back once you’ve got the hang of everything. This is what we call a ride-along.

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How can our research consultants help?

Contact your local advisor to discuss how eye tracking insights can benefit your business.