Child learning online

Improving educational outcomes with attention computing

From improving the learning of children in the classroom to analyzing reading ability with unprecedented accuracy, eye tracking allows tech companies to create devices and software that understand students in a deeper way.

Research to commercialization

Eye tracking is a technology with almost endless applications within education. That’s why we support researchers in adopting eye tracking as a methodology to find nuances in how human beings learn, with a view to developing technology that improves education across the board.

Students learning at computers in classroom

Better learning outcomes

Education technology has the power to radically alter the learning outcomes of young people across the world. Attention computing provides unique insights into learning behavior and inspires new ways of teaching that are efficient and effective to all children.

Little girl learning online

Improving equity

Closing the gap in education between students of different backgrounds, nationalities, races, and disability levels is a social priority. With AI and eye tracking technology, digital wellbeing features and advanced learning technologies help make a great education attainable to more people, whoever they are.

Teacher teaching in a classroom

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