Woman looking at a computer screen with Tobii 4C eye tracker

Future work life

The way we work is changing. With new pressures on our stress levels, fresh scrutiny on our level of security, and increasing dependence on our devices, we need technology that supports these changes. Tobii provides attention computing solutions that enable a safe, ergonomic, and productive work life.

Privacy and security

In the modern day, most office workers complete their tasks at least partially away from the office. Whether in a café or another shared workspace, we keep your work information safe from prying eyes and unauthorized users.

Man working in a café at his laptop

Digital wellbeing

We all spend more time in front of our screens than ever before. That’s why it is important to stay aware of screen time data, body positioning, and usage insights in order to stay happy and healthy at work.

Man stretching after sitting at his laptop


We believe that interacting intuitively with your device is essential for productive and efficient work. With attention computing, we help your device respond to your natural behavior and movements, keeping your focus on what matters.

Man working at multiple screens

Intelligent video conferencing

Learning how to better collaborate with each other digitally is essential for future workplaces. We want to improve hybrid meetings, workplace tools, and communication platforms with attention computing to create a closer connection from a distance.

Woman in an online meeting

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