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New product — Glasses Explore!

Explore human behavior and decision-making

Glasses Explore is a cloud-based software for understanding how real-world environments affect attention and decision-making.

Tobii Nexus webcam view

Tobii Nexus

Webcam eye tracking

Develop smarter abilities and interactivity within your application — for any user, on any device.

Tobii DMS inside the car

Tobii Autosense

Enabling a safer, more intuitive and comfortable in-cabin experience — for everyone in the car.

Scientific Publications

Discover the latest trends in eye tracking by exploring our publication library.

Global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing

Global leader in eye tracking — Discover our diverse range of offerings

Turn human behavior into scientific progress

Scientific researchers use eye tracking to decode human behavior. The data provided by our technology enables discovery, helps solve previously unsolvable problems, and validates findings.

Tobii Pro Spectrum

The Tobii product suite

Our extensive product suite spans the whole range of eye tracking use cases, from direct-for-use products to long-term partnerships with your company, organization, or academic institution.

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This is us

We build solutions and technologies that shape the future. Twenty years ago, we created the world’s first remote eye tracker. Today we are the global leader in eye tracking, using attention computing to help our clients capture and understand human attention and intent. We do it to understand the human mind and make human life better. That’s how we’re building a better future.

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