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Glasses Explore

Explore human behavior and decision-making

Glasses Explore is a cloud-based software for understanding how real-world environments affect attention and decision-making.

From what to why

Glasses Explore reveals the nuances of human awareness – what we pay attention to, what we don’t, and why. Unpack first-person perspectives in real-world contexts to help you build better user experiences, streamline training processes, and elevate sports coaching techniques.

Why Glasses Explore

Explore human behavior

Behavioral insights shouldn’t require hours of expert analysis. Our software puts you in the shoes of real people in real scenarios, using point of view gaze recordings to clearly expose challenges in training, efficiency, and UX design.

Glasses Explore

Insights in the moment

With Glasses Explore, the depth of research is up to you. Draw accurate conclusions in seconds, notice repeated distractions, and identify design improvements. We don’t drop you in the deep end; with our friendly interface you’ll learn to find patterns, interpret gaze data, and share insights efficiently.

Glasses Explore

Empowered decision-making

Effective design comes from testing early and testing often. Put ideas into context early on, preventing misjudged decisions that lead to waste and inefficiency. Summarize and share project insights to stakeholders using data you can stand behind.

Glasses Explore

About the hardware

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Pair it with powerful hardware

Glasses Explore is the analysis software for our wearable eye tracker,
Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Why not check out the features and value of
the glasses as well as how they work with our software?

How it works

Easy to use, ready to share

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1. Record with Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Plug in and go! Record gaze patterns of real people, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Follow along live and save recordings for later.

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2. Upload the data in Glasses Explore

Upload glasses recordings to the cloud and explore behavior and decision-making. Compare individual recordings, tag important moments, and identify patterns.

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3. Compare and share the recordings

Collaborate with your colleagues, work together in the project, and share your findings with stakeholders.


Beyond the basics

  • Easy and efficient

    Simple recording process and effective workflow in the cloud.

  • Front row seat

    Direct observation of the first-person view.

  • Affordable for all

    Explore business critical insights at a reasonable price.

  • Close collaboration

    Simple to work and share with colleagues wherever they are.

  • Comparison mode

    Identify behavioral nuances by playing recordings in the comparison mode.

  • Always improving

    We continually develop new capabilities based on your user feedback.

Fields of use

Endless insights

Glasses Explore shines light on human behavior in a whole range of contexts, helping you improve:

Training with Glasses Explore

Training and skills transfer

See how employees and specialized professionals behave in their work environments. Uncover hidden skills and transfer advanced techniques to newer recruits.

Basketball player

Sports science and coaching

Understand the thought processes of athletes to elevate skills of decision-making, trajectory estimation, and visual search to a new level.

Woman driving a car

User experience

Humanize your UX design by visualizing flow, hesitation, and frustration among your users. Build easier processes and build intuitive systems using reliable gaze data.


Trusted by

  • Glasses Explore will save me a tremendous amount of time and money, avoiding the need to become better with Photoshop and accelerating the creation of visualizations that are readily available in this product. It's going to make life much easier for 90% of the jobs I want to do.

    William Messerschmidt

    Principal Analyst/Partner, Integra Forensics

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  • Glasses Explore is quite easy to use. The participant puts on the glasses, we start the recording, we go out and do the tests and try to evaluate them afterwards. It has been very interesting to look at these recordings to see if there is a relation between where they look and what kind of decisions they make. And when driving things happen so quickly, you really don’t realize how many decisions we make every second. So the glasses have been very efficient for us.

    Philip Hansson


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