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What can you do with eye tracking?

Our Concept Validation Tool is designed to get you up and running without coding.

How eye tracking works

Placed on or within a device interface eye tracking captures a person’s eye movements and characteristics, calculating a range of useful data points including presence, attention, and gaze point as well as the position of a person’s eye and pupil size. An application can leverage this data for device interaction or to solve a problem.

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Fields of use

Fields of uses

Eye tracking can be used in an unlimited number of fields of uses. From scientific research, to consumer marketing, on the job training, and even integrating it into your own products — eye tracking is a versatile tool to have. Discover where eye tracking can be used and how it can enhance your research or platform.

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What can you do?

What can you do?

To illustrate what you can do with eye tracking one of our designers has created a short video. Using just his eyes as a control mechanism — visualized by the blue bubble — he shows how to select objects, zoom, pan, and carry out a quality inspection.

Try it yourself

Try it yourself

To get started with eye tracking, the first thing you need is an eye tracker. Once you’ve connected it, download our Concept Validation Tool and start controlling things with your eyes — no application development needed!



Image selection

Use gaze to select​

Button actions

Use gaze to select​

Quality control / security

Verify all corners

Image carousel

Use gaze to select

Zoom, pinch, and pan

With gaze


With head movement

Add safety

When you’re not looking


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