Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Spark - bundle
Hardware and software bundle

The eye tracking research starter kit

Kick off your eye tracking journey with our best-in-class hardware and software bundle. Tobii Pro Spark and Tobii Pro Lab combine to provide a fully supported eye tracking research solution at an affordable price.

This starter kit includes

Tobii Pro Spark

This portable and powerful screen-based eye tracker is the perfect hardware option for getting started in the world of eye tracking research. Tobii Pro Spark captures accurate gaze data at 60hz in various lightings, regardless of corrective lenses, ethnicity, or head movements.

Tobii Pro Lab

Our comprehensive eye tracking software, Tobii Pro Lab, provides a visual user interface and dedicated features that guide and support the researcher through all phases of an eye tracking experiment – from study design to data collection to analysis. Included in the bundle is the Tobii Pro Lab Screen-based Edition.

Eye tracking available to more researchers

Whether you’re working in education, psychology, computer science, UX, or another field entirely, the starter kit is an affordable solution for behavioral insights you can trust.

For the price of 4050 USD / 3690 EUR you get:

  • Tobii Pro Spark - our powerful and portable screen-based eye tracker.

  • Tobii Pro Lab Screen-based Edition - 1 year subscription to our eye tracking software

  • Tobii Connect and Tobii Academy - full access to our customer portal and e-learning platform.

Tobii Pro Spark and Tobii Pro Lab

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Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Spark - bundle
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