Tobii Pro Spark
Tobii Pro Spark

Enter the world of eye tracking

Spark your research with our smallest and most affordable eye tracker. By capturing high-quality fixation data at 60hz, our entry-level eye tracker illuminates attention and intent.

Boost your insights

Tobii Pro Spark puts eye tracking within reach for even more researchers looking to enhance their behavioral studies. It samples eye tracking data at 60hz, it’s easy to set up and use, and can be trusted to deliver robust and reliable data across the population.

Tobii Pro Spark laptop

How does it work

How to does Tobii Pro Spark work?

Tobii Pro Spark


Tobii Pro Spark is designed for quick and easy setup! Attach to any screen up to 27”, or place it on a tripod for studies of real-world stimuli. Simply connect to the computer via USB.

Tobii Pro Spark


Start recording high-quality attention data. Robust tracking means minimal data loss and reliable results regardless of corrective lenses, age, or ethnicity.

Tobii Pro Spark


Tobii Pro Spark works with
Tobii Pro Lab, supporting researchers from experiment design to data analysis. Eye tracking metrics and visualizations help you understand participants’ visual attention and behavior on a deeper level.

Fields of use

Built for all research

We wanted to make an eye tracker that delivers for scientific researchers, but that’s also accessible for commercial research.

Tobii Pro Spark

Scientific research

Tobii Pro Spark is perfect for scientific researchers who want to understand visual attention and behavior on a deeper level. Attention data illuminates problem-solving and decision-making processes bringing unique perspectives and insights into education, computer science, psychology research, and more.

Tobii Pro Spark use for Consumer research

Commercial research

Consumer insights are the name of the game in marketing research. Most companies know what their customers are doing, but eye tracking allows you to cut deeper into the why. Whether you’re testing the impact of your packaging or your advertisements, attention data can illuminate your customer in new ways.

About the tech

  • Captures gaze and pupil data

  • Our patented 3D eye model delivers high-quality gaze data

  • One eye tracking camera, taking up to 60 images per second

  • Bright and dark pupil illumination modes automatically selected for best performance

  • Fully embedded processing

  • Easy USB or USB-C connectivity

  • Simple screen attachment

  • Compatible with all main operating systems

  • Accurate software synchronization options with a wide range of external devices, such as EEG, ECG or GSR


Data you can trust

  • Works across the population regardless of age, ethnicity, or corrective lenses

  • Maintains tracking robustness in different lighting environments

  • Keeps high performance through natural head movements

  • Small and portable for easy transportation

  • Tobii Pro Spark provides precise tracking results that are robust against variations in illumination and head movements. It is an excellent solution to study learning and problem-solving strategies and to evaluate instructional materials even in group settings.

    Dr. Stefan Küchemann

    Group Leader AI in Physics Education, Faculty of Physics, Chair of Physics Education, LMU Munich

  • We investigate individual differences in large and diverse samples, such as the thousands of museum visitors who have enjoyed our public eye tracking booth so far. Challenging settings like this require everything we found in Tobii Pro Spark — extremely robust and user-friendly eye tracking at a spatial accuracy that rivals any other research device.

    Dr. Benjamin de Haas



Technical specifications

For definitions of the terms used in the tables below, see the Glossary on Tobii Connect.

For more information about output data and the supplementary data stream, please read the Tobii Pro SDK documentation.

The characteristics of the gaze data from an eye tracker are described in terms of accuracy and precision. For more details, take the Accuracy and precision course in Tobii Academy.

Eye tracking technique

Video-based pupil and corneal reflection eye tracking with dark and bright pupil illumination modes.

One camera captures images of both eyes for accurate measurement of eye gaze and eye position in 3D space, as well as pupil diameter.

Eye tracking mode

N/A (default)

Sampling frequency

60 Hz (default) or 33 Hz


0.26° RMS in optimal conditions (using built in filtering)


0.45° in optimal conditions

Binocular eye tracking


Eye tracker latency

1 frame (immediate)

Blink recovery time

1 frame (immediate) 

Gaze recovery time

50 ms

Data sample output

Gaze origin 
Gaze point 
Pupil diameter 

Eye openness data stream

Not available

Eye image data stream

Not available

TTL input stream

Not available

Tracker and client time synchronization

Integrated between the eye tracker time domain and the client computer time domain.

User calibration


Head movement tolerance

One-camera system provides an accurate calculation of the data and a good level of precision.

More sensitive for head movement than the dual camera systems.

Operating distance (mounted on screen)

45 cm to 95 cm (18’’ to 37'') from the eye tracker

Freedom of head movement (width x height)

Freedom of head movement at 50 cm distance 20 cm x 20 cm (7.9’’ x 7.9’’) (At least one eye tracked) 

Freedom of head movement at 65 to 80 cm distance  35 cm x 35 cm (13.8’’ x 13.8’’) (At least one eye tracked) 

Optimal screen size

Up to 27" (16:9 aspect ratio)

Recommended monitor


Tracker setup options

Eye tracker mounted on a tripod, allows for even larger screens or physical objects to be tracked.

The Mobile Testing Accessory enables research or usability tests on a mobile device.

Software and framework compatibility

Tobii Pro Lab 
Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager 
Tobii Pro SDK 
Any applications built on the Tobii Pro SDK 

Operating system

Windows, macOS, Linux

Hardware versions

Single product version: 60 Hz

Dimensions (L x H x W)

28.5 cm × 1.5 cm × 2.2 cm (11.2" × 0.59" × 0.47'')


97 g (3.4 oz.)


USB 2.0 Type-A, 80 cm (31") cable

(USB Type-C male to Type-A female adapter included in the package)

Data Processing

1 Tobii EyeChip™ ASIC with fully embedded data processing

Eye tracking cameras

1 x Tobii EyeSensor™ module


Dark pupil illumination modules
Bright pupil illumination modules 

Power consumption

Typical power consumption < 2.0 W Max. rated power consumption: 6 W

Power options

Directly via USB Type-A connector (with or without the USB Type-C male to Type-A female adapter)

Tobii Pro SparkTobii Pro FusionTobii Pro Spectrum
Precision0.26° RMS (ideal conditions) (applying Savitzky-Golay filtering, settings listed in the test report) 0.04° RMS¹ at optimal conditions (applying Savitzky-Golay filtering, settings listed in the test report) 0.2° RMS at optimal conditions (raw signal) 0.01° RMS¹ at optimal conditions (applying Savitzky-Golay filtering, settings listed in the test report) 0.06° RMS¹ at optimal conditions (raw signal)
Accuracy 0.45° (ideal conditions) 0.3°¹ 0.3°¹
Head movement tolerance Good (Single Camera)Excellent (Dual camera)Excellent (Dual camera)
Optimal screen size Up to 27” (16:9 aspect ratio)Up to 24" (16:9 aspect ratio) Up to 24" (16:9 aspect ratio)
Freedom of head movement width x height @ 65cm distance (either eye) 35 x 35 cm 40 × 25 cm 34 x 26 cm
Freedom of head movement width x height @ back of headbox (either eye) 35 x 35 cm45 x 30 cm @80 42 x 26 cm @75
Operating distance (cm in Z direction) 45 to 95 cm50-80 cm 55-75 cm
Tracker setup optionsTracker mounted at tripod, allows for even larger screens and physical objects to be tracked.Tracker mounted at tripod, allows for even larger screens and physical objects to be tracked. (a) Screen and eye tracker mounted together (b) Standalone eye tracker (c) Tracker and screen mounted on any standard VESA mount (d) Eye tracker used with external monitor
¹Tobii uses an extensive test method to measure and report performance and quality of data. Please download the Data quality test report for more detailed information.

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