A tripod stand for Pro X3-120 eye tracker
Tripod Stand

Mounting solution for eye trackers

Solution for mounting the Tobii Pro Fusion or Tobii Pro Spark eye trackers on a tripod.


Mounting solution for tripods

The package contains brackets to mount the Tobii eye trackers directly on a tripod. This is ideal for studies where the subject is sitting at a table in front of a larger monitor. It is also useful in scene camera setups to study physical objects and social interactions between people.

Tobii Pro Spark on the Tobii Tripod

Parts and construction

Parts and construction

A Tripod Stand package for the Tobii Pro X3-120 screen based eye tracker.

The package contains the following parts:

  • Tobii mounting plate

  • TESA power strips

  • Digital angle meter

  • Measuring tape

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Tobii Tripod stand
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