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Hardware upgrade program

Upgrade your eye tracking hardware and receive a discount based on the price of your previous system.

Your current eye tracking hardware could help you afford your next purchase! We offer customers who have previously purchased an eye tracker a discount when they upgrade to their next research-grade system.

What is Tobii’s upgrade program?

At Tobii, we want to be your long-term research partner and equip you with the very best eye tracking technology. Since we know you, we want to guarantee that your current hardware offers value on your next piece of Tobii equipment. Depending on the value of your current eye tracker, we’ll give you a discount on whatever you buy next.

What does the upgrade program entail?

This is an opportunity for all customers with eye tracking hardware to continue their journey with Tobii. All eye tracking hardware is included, so whether you want to move from X3-120 to Tobii Pro Spectrum, or switch from screen-based to wearable, the upgrade program will help you out.

Here are some specifics:

  • The offer applies to all Tobii customers, past and present.

  • All Tobii hardware has a trade-in value towards a new unit regardless of age.

  • Trade in your old eye tracker regardless of its current condition.

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What discount could you get on your next eye tracker?

Reach out! A team member will be happy to talk you through the offer and provide a quote for your eye tracker upgrade.

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