An attention data exchange

Tobii ATTEX is an attention data exchange designed to aggregate high-quality metrics collected through local passive panelists equipped with Tobii’s attention computing solutions. Through an API, Tobii ATTEX delivers the data to help you design innovative and scalable products to disrupt how media is bought, optimized, and evaluated.


Passive and always-on data collection

Our comprehensive attention measurement solution constantly collects information from across the digital ecosystem, combining panel demographics and contextual brand and advertising data with real-time attention metrics.

Data aggregation delivers augmented attention data based on your demographic and contextual requirements, enabling you to build scalable products that deliver unique insights.

Tobii ATTEX evaluate data

Ways to use it

Some ways to use attention data

Optimize for attention

The more people pay attention to content the higher the conversion rates, ad recall, and consideration The data Tobii ATTEX delivers enables you to optimize media campaigns to maximize attention and duration.

Measure campaign performance

The data Tobii ATTEX delivers enables you to evaluate attention for specific campaigns — without Tobii tags. Using the campaign delivery log and creative IDs we combine panel-generated ground truths with predictions based on your brand’s historical performance.

Measure share of attention

The data Tobii ATTEX delivers enables you to compare share of attention among selected brands, and gain deep insights into competitor digital strategies by analyzing their selected formats and sites.

Attention optimization

Case study for attention optimization

Case study with Xaxis attention algo, an algorithm that optimize campaigns on attention. Increased attention leads to higher conversation rate, ad recall, consideration.

Average attention rate¹ increased by 2-3 times for customers using Tobii ATTEX.

Brand typeAd recall²Consideration²
¹Average attention rate increase during test period compared to benchmark²Compared with test group exposed to ads from line item optimized on viewability

Attention computing

Attention computing solutions

Attention computing is a discreet and nonintrusive set of technologies that measures human behavior objectively and systematically, with minimal influence. We equip participants with a plug-and-play USB eye tracker, or a software download that leverages data captured by the device cam. Our technology measures eye movements and generates accurate attention metrics such as gaze pattern and dwell duration. The use of our attention computing solutions ensures that Tobii ATTEX delivers metrics that are accurate, systematic, and unbiased — for all panelists.

Tobii 5L eye tracker

Use cases and testimonials

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Customer use cases and testimonials

Odyssey Pulse

Odyssey Pulse leverages Tobii attention data to deliver share of attention insights.

Including these data metrics:

  • Ad performance compared with competitor products.

  • Number of impressions vs. ads seen, using dwell time.

  • Brand effectiveness and digital footprint.

Odyssey Pulse
  • Tobii’s attention data has helped us to take a giant programmatic step forward. We have been able to shift from using a technical metric like viewability to attention, which is a deeper concept. The data has helped us to deliver advertisers with greater effectiveness. In all tests we have completed irrespective of industry and what indicator we are measuring, such as brand awareness or campaign performance. The value of attention data is clear.

    Elias Bjerkeryd

    Nordic Product Director Xaxis, GroupM Nexus

    GRM Nexus logo
  • Attention is about our most scarce resource on earth; our time. Attention is a prerequisite for impact and serves as an excellent benchmark for evaluating the quality of purchased media. But for Attention to work, the data quality and granularity must be at a certain level. Some methods and proxies do not serve their purpose. With technology and data from Tobii, we at Odyssey have access to both high quality and the unique ability to - without tags - identify the attention efficiency of individual brands.

    Carl-Johan Runer

    Business Director Attention, Odyssey AB

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